Friday, May 13, 2011


Um, lame factor, with the blogger outage, my post has returned but all of the descriptions of my photos haven't! BOO. HISS.

Last Friday, we had a visitor at work. 
And I got a personal assistant for the day.
Needless to say, my paperwork was much more colorful after she clocked out.

Friday also kickstarted Starbucks Happy Hour.
Or as Coworker Cary dubbed it, Frappy Hour.
Three Java Chip Fraps coming right up!

Crown Moulding is a hard decision to make. 
Thankfully, everybody provided their input. 

Before Margaret and I hit the beach on our adventure day
We wandered Main Street in Half Moon Bay.
She requested a visit to the cute baby birds at the Hay & Feed store.
They lived up to the promise.
And check out the little guy who fell asleep with his head in the seed trough.

Another cutie was this baby duck.
More like teenager duck.
He was almost full size.
But still covered in yellow fuzz. LOVE.
The guy at the store tried to convince me that I would love having one as a companion pet.
I convinced him that condo living wasn't ideal duck circumstances.
He had to agree.

Hot Chick Central is more like it.

We discovered a new adorable shop. Full of super cute kitchen gear and home accessories.
Marge brushed up on her gluten free recipes while I shopped.

Then we noticed this adorable bakery adjacent to the cute shop. I asked Margaret if it was time for Second Breakfast. Without hesitation, she declared it was.
This is why we're friends.

Strawberry Eclair. Fresh Strawberries. Strawberry whipped cream. White chocolate icing.
Recipe for yum.
Margaret didn't love it. 
Which meant more for me.

One of our last stops was another of our favorite shops, which has fancy retro appliances and the prettiest stationary and journals ever. We picked out cards for our moms for mother's day. 
And I found this.
Truer words have not been printed.

Sunday AM we had the privilege of gifting the Hope Mamas with a little token of how much we appreciate them. 
They are incredible women who love Jesus, and I hope they were reminded of that.

I also set up the Hospitality Table each week. I'm more of a function over flair type person. 
But I received some help.
And the bar has been raised.

On Sundays before service starts, the set up team will spend some time in prayer, praying for the morning ahead, the people who will come hear about Jesus, and any other things that need to be brought to the Lord.
Afterward, everybody went back to their tasks, but the Hospitality Table was covered (see above). So I was sitting quietly next to these two. Who seemed to have their on mini hymn sing going on. 
With weird lyrics.
And notes.
And falsetto voices.
They were really into it. 
Oh, how I wish InstaGram had audio.

And then, finally, yesterday on my return route of my walk, this little big guy greeted me.
I walk by his house on my way out and back. But I haven't seen him in a long time.
He is a giant Alaskan Malamute. And sits at the gate at the end of his driveway.
I always reach through and pet him. 
So far he hasn't bitten any of my appendages off. 
So I think we are officially friends. 

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  1. yay for blogger being back! :). that dog is cute. that eclair is cuter. the necklaces were the CUTEST!

  2. I want that eclair! Thanks for finding those adorable necklaces for us :)

  3. i'm a dog lover, he is cute! you had a busy week!

  4. Give me the strawberry eclair please. Right this second!

  5. Love friends who are up for second breakfast and lots of shopping! Can I borrow her?

  6. me too! the strawberry eclair. thanks.
    the kitchen-y gadget shop seems like my kind of place:)

  7. If chandler and joey can have chick and duck in their apartment, you can have them in your condo.