Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lofty Dreams

I have lived in my condo for SIX years coming this July. Crazy!

I have decorated and redecorated my bedroom once. And I am kinda mixing up my living room style and color palette.

But my loft has been in need of a major overhaul!

I had previously been using my sister's full sized dorm bedding on the extra twin bed I had up there. Just cause it was what I had. In the words of Tim Gunn, I was making it work.

(and it wasn't really working)

Anyway, I commissioned the amazing Betsy of It's Etsy By Betsy to whip me up one of her amazing String Art Maps.  I had known I was going to hang it in the loft, and so when she completed it this week I knew it was time to kick off the overhaul!

PS The canvas above the fireplace was also done by Betsy. Girl has SKILLS.

I started spiffing up the loft by hanging the map, my Psalm 37:4 print, my Micah 6:8 canvas (The Mercy House Kenya), and a picture of my Compassion child, Felista (she is from Tanzania, and way too cute).

Basing the decor off the map, and keeping an international, globally minded theme was my inspiration.

The chair, green table, globe and lamp were purchased a couple of months ago at Home Goods to create my reading nook...Home Goods may be the closest thing to heaven on earth. Making the loft a more usable and livable space was the goal!

I also made a quick trip to Ikea, and got some simple white bedding that actually fit the twin sized bed to complete the loft makeover (disregard the wrinkles). It isn't too exciting, but I love that the chair and map get to be the stars!

Now, I can curl up with my Kindle in the nook, and not be distracted by what needs to be done with the space, and instead, enjoy my new favorite corner in my home. 

Another bonus? I finally figured out which outlet corresponds to the light switch on the wall....it only took me six years. Ha!

And PS I heard that Betsy was a little nervous about my custom color combo for the map, but I think she really loved it! She offers her maps totally customizable, but you can also order it in the Bold and Beautiful color combo selected by your's truly!

Thirty Hand Made Days


  1. looks great! I LOVE that chair!

  2. love the loft revamp. love the chair. LOVE that fan. love the glocal wall. love betsy's face holding that awesome map. love it all.

  3. That map is fantastic - I love it!

    Your room is adorable, too: love the lamps and the chair. Home Goods is a beautiful, dangerous place. :)


  4. some folks only have taste in their mouths.
    not. you. LOVE your style, kim! i need a map!!

  5. that map is fabulous...as is the chair! LOVE it!!! This post makes me want to drive 45 minutes to Home Goods & buy some stuff for my house!

  6. your loft looks very cozy. you better keep an eye on that chair, i lovey dove dove it! i need to visit home goods again.

    the map is a lovely work of art. no doubt you will enjoy it for years to come.