Tuesday, May 10, 2011

10 on 10: May 2011 - Congestion Edition

The 10th is here again. I have been looking forward to it since the last time...unfortunately, it was another work day...hard to spice up the pictures when I'm staring at the same screen all day...but I managed to take most of my pictures outside of the office...here we go.

I have been suffering some serious allergies since the weekend. I took some Benadryl Allergy last night hoping that I'd wake up with some cleared sinuses...unfortunately that was not the case. This Kleenex box was my snuggle buddy last night:

I start every single day with a cuppa tea. Today, Rwanda tea, from Betsy. It is SO good. It is even better when she makes it with sugar and milk. But still fabulous just black.

At work. Boo. But, if there is one thing that relaxes me at work, it is coding PG&E bills. Simple. Mindless. Monotonous. Drama free. Today I had a huge stack. It is the most relaxing part of my day.

Lunch time. I pulled up to my parents house, and my dad was tinkering on his bike.  He is pretty much the coolest dad ever. You can be jeal.

Not every one can be lucky enough to have a nurse for a mom. Although, there are a few of us ND's around (that would be Nurse's Daughters). My mom texted me earlier asking if I needed a slurpee. I wasn't feeling THAT sick, but I replied that I did need a decongestant, and needed one PRONTO. And butterscotch pops, obvs. Before I arrived she went out and got me both. Thanks Nurse Band-Aid. I love you.

I share my lunch everyday with this cutie pie. We share my tortilla, apples, and cuties. I draw the line at the yogurt. She is funny, and knows the yogurt isn't for sharing and will walk away when I open it. But she loves her some cuties! She is working REALLY hard to "take it nice" and not bite off my finger. She is just really excited.

When I got home from work, this was in my mailbox (Betsy again!). I am so proud of this girl. She has worked SO hard, and is going to be an AMAZING nurse. And trust me, I know nurses.

While my dinner was in the oven, I opened a new box of these. Have you had them? They are ridiculous. I may have eaten some first thing in the morning as well, and finished off the box. They are sweet and savory. And chewy. You can put something delicious on them (cheese? spread? jam?), or eat them plain - which is what I do. Sometimes I can't find them at TJ's, but I have been lucky the last few visits.

Now we get to the best, and worst part of my day. My run. Here is all my gear. Keys, earbuds, iPhone, and tissues. This nose seems to be going on a run of its own.

And after my run? The best part, a gorgeous sky. Sun setting. Lovely. I love getting home, and putting a BIG check mark next to 2 mile run (ok...wog. aka walk-jog).

Not too shabby for a regular old work day. Whipping this up really helped me see the lovely in the mundane. :) Happy 10th everyone!!!

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  1. does every property mgmt co. have those pens? those are the ONLY things I miss. the bills. not so much.

  2. love your 10. ummmm....your parents are the CUTEST!!!! And, I must know how this butterscotch pop obsession began. love it!!

  3. Looks like a fun day, hope you feel better soon!!

  4. I didn't do a 10 on 10,
    but if I had mine would be a
    'Kleenex is my Friend' edition, too.
    Blah. Hate it.

    And why, oh why did you have to add
    one more item to my TJ's
    grocery list?!??


  5. aww...I can't eat yogurt at home because it's the one thing quincy thinks is his. He looks at me with a perturbed look if I sit down with yogurt and eat it, because yogurt is his. (He gets a spoonful of yogurt every morning)

  6. feel better soon-i command you.
    i would be jealous, but my pops is the coolest guy-but he is on the east coast, so no real contest i guess.
    love the last photo! xo

  7. Allergies here too. I have to run inside right now or I'm miserable. :(

  8. ALL about the wog! i miss them! and ALL about the nd's....but what am i now?? cindy steiger, rn, bsn, phn, nd?? #confused ANNNNDDDD your dad's pretty amazing ;)

  9. That's what I love about 10-10, life is good and beautiful even when it is just a regular day.



  10. i am "jeal" of both your parents. you are well loved. fun 10 on 10.

  11. I love your editing & the round corners!