Monday, May 16, 2011

A Stumbled Upon Treasure

I have been running.

A bit.


Nike has rejected me from their Half-Marathon in October.

But I am still trying to win a spot.

I won't tell you how. Because I don't want to decrease my chances.

But basically, I have to run.


The other night, on my way out, I was leaving my building through the side gate, when I put my hand into the box covering the handle (it's a weird security feature), and actually grabbed some twigs as well.

I thought someone was just being funny leaving garbage in the box.

But instead, I peeked inside, and found a little bird nest.

Actually, it was only little because I think a little bird made it.  The nest itself was pretty intense.

And, even better...
Inside the nest...was an itty bitty egg.

It may be the smallest egg I have ever seen. It actually looks exactly like a Cadbury Mini Egg. (Yum.)

On my way back from my run, I ran upstairs and grabbed my camera, and took these pictures (which was difficult because I couldn't really get a good shot inside the box with the bulky lens).

I hope the little guy makes it. But I don't think he will.

 Almost every spring I find the birds building their nests above the fire alarms, and in the rafters of the walkways. Once I notice the nests (because of the obnoxious amount of twigs, and dirt scattered on the ground them), it's less than a week before I see egg splattered all over the ground below.

And I also suspect our building management gets rid of them when they discover them.

I'm always rooting for the little guys. I debated putting a little sign on the gate " bird sleeping." - but I don't want to draw attention to my little friend. Hopefully, he or she can come into the world peacefully before anybody else notices...

Obviously, my building is SO cute, now that there are birds all up on it!



  1. I love this :) I really hope he has a chance at survival

  2. Aw cute! But I'm pretty sure if I was you and found more than a handle in the box, it would've scared the begeezes outta me

  3. ok cute. kayla may need a field trip to that gate.

  4. So cute.
    We've had a hummingbird nest for the past several
    weeks and the babies just flew away
    We're kind of sad that they're gone.
    {empty nesters...wahhhhh....}


  5. how precious! what a sweet discovery!
    i would have a stroke worrying about that tiny, cute egg and the birdie inside! so happy it's in your building-because you're the sweetest!

  6. oh, this is so sweet. i hope the little birds survive.

    we have been daily entertained by a little bird attempting to make a nest in a crack in the roof of our patio. the bird has been attempted countless times to get twigs to it's desired home. and though a nest would pose a problem there, we all really want the bird to be successful.

    i think we relate to the bird.

  7. This is so much better than putting an artificial bird on it... what a beautiful treasure!! I want to tag along on KK's field trip!! :)

  8. over from Life Rearranged.

    Very cool! I hope the little bird makes it too. :o)

    Good luck on your Nike run!