Thursday, May 12, 2011

Summa's Hee-yahhh!

Nothing says summer like a windy, foggy day at a NorCal beach.

Thankfully, thanks to Picnik's Cross Process effect, I can make even the coldest beach adventure look warm and sunny!

Margaret arrived home for Summer Vacay late Friday night. She called me when she pulled into town - and my one instruction for her was to be ready at 9am for her first summer adventure! Sure enough, the Schnuttle pulled up to her house right on time, and the girl was ready for a coastal adventure.

Sans flip flops.

I sent her back inside for appropriate footwear, and we hit the road.

We drove into the fog, but didn't mind to much.

First stop, Half Moon Bay Coffee Company.
I think Margaret and I like to mark life milestones with trips to the HMBCC, so it was an appropriate summer kick off.  House Mochas all around!

After breakfast, we walked Main St., and walked the shops (stay tuned for the pics from that on tomorrow's Insta Friday post), and had second breakfast.  Breakfast is definitely my least favorite meal of the day, but Second Breakfast might be my favorite.

After that, we debated driving back over the hill to the sunshine, or staying on the dreary coast. Margaret wasn't ready to say goodbye to the ocean just yet, so we hit up my favorite beach, Poplar Beach.

The sun actually was starting to peek through a bit.
The beach actually had quite a few people on it, so we headed to the water, where we put our toesies in.

And immediately took them out.
Thankfully, the sand is always warm, no matter how cold it is so we continued to walk along the shore.

This sums up how Margaret feels about adventures with Kim:

We love the Oh-Shun. <3

Somehow, we miraculously happened upon some elusive sea glass. We have been on two official sea glass hunts, and have come up completely empty handed. Until this adventure. Which was not sea glass driven. We also learned we were looking entirely in the wrong spot - not where the ocean hits the shore, but where the tide hit at the highest point. Where it's dry. Whoops.

So instead of heading back to the car, we spent some time sifting through the sand.

And we both found a few tiny pieces, among other things, to take home:

Now that we know what we are doing, I have a feeling we'll be back...


  1. I also have issues finding sea glass (strangely good at finding sand dollars though), my mom is the sea glass expert though I will ask her for some tips :)

  2. congrats on the sea glass! i would love to tag along sometime with you guys :)

  3. great photos!!
    also-i am green with envy. i love the beach!!