Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Texts from My Mother II

It's been a while since I have gifted you all with some CuppaMama texting gems.

Let's start here.
Normally I can somehow figure out what on earth my mother is trying to convey, typos, shorthand and all...
This time I just rolled with it, until I saw her at lunch time.

Shortly after that message she blocked my text messages on her phone for the 864th time.
She blocks me and sends frantic "did you get my text!?!?!" messages when she doesn't receive my responses.
Until I point out to her she probably unknowingly blocked me again.

Then we have this series of messages from a few weeks ago during the NFC Championship game.

She doesn't have a competitive bone in her body (don't worry, I more than make up for that).
And she will tell you she hates sports, especially football and baseball.
But I know the truth.
She'll catch game highlights in patients' rooms.
Or claim she is going to spend the afternoon at home alone NOT watching the game.
But proceed to spend the second half of the game texting me, my dad, and sister non-stop.
My grandmother might be the 49ers and Giants biggest fan, and it's impossible for that to not rub off on my mom, hate it as she may...

Please note the randomness of "I pad rules" and the plethora of medical terms, and "barky hearsall" still no clue what that means...

49ers may have lost, but having a mom like this is definitely winning.

I mean, after all, she is very concerned about my exposure to Carbon Monoxide apparently.

And when you are stuck in Houston nothing beats wishes from Bert...well except for wishes from Ernie!


  1. those are hilarious. except i can't really laugh at someone else's texting skills in light my own. but those made me laugh. :) i pad rules. :)

  2. That is hysterical! My sister has been sending the best texts since she got her iPhone. So much for being a smartphone! She's actually earned a nickname because of it :)

  3. Oh my word. I love when she says "Super Bowl Time" and it's the wrong team! HILARIOUS!

  4. I am laughing hysterically! LOVE THESE! Your mom is too adorable. I think I'd love her if I knew her in person. So awesome!

  5. haha Oh my goodness.. I die this is so cute!

  6. Omgosh this is hilarious. I still want to know what the top text means!!

    I need your address. FYI.

  7. I never get enough of these posts.
    Love your mom so much.

  8. I don't think I have any idea what you guys are talking about... but it is really funny. :) In high school, my mom and I used to pass each other notes, but we had alter egos. I'd forgotten about that! :)