Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Randy McRandoms phone is chock full (isn't "chock" such a weird word? I don't think I use it often enough) of pics that never make it to Instagram, which means in turn, they don't make it up on here.

I love the #febphotoaday and #febphoto366 challenges, you get glimpses in to regular life. Kinda like the 10 on 10 posts (which I love...and, heads up: FRIDAY).

Here is a bit more of the randomness that I capture via Snow White 2.0.

I went running during the Superbowl. 
San Mateo was eerily silent. 
The sun was behind these hazy, funky clouds.
And a moment after I took this, I heard the eruption of cheers from my building's catwalk.
San Mateo loves its hometown hero. 
Even if he didn't get the bling (this time).
Coworker Cary brought her new pup in for a visit on Friday. 
She is a Bernese Mountain Dog, and stinking ADORABLE.
She is super smart, and just a love. 
I kinda want to go Cruella DeVille on her.
(Sans that whole skinning her for for a fur coat part).

The other night, KK and I were playing iPad. 
Mostly she was playing.
And telling me "Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim, look at this"
She had just painted a pink flamingo.

I snuck a peek on Ashy. 
I guess My Little Pony is OUT.
Belle and Beast are in.
My favorite is when she holds up Beast and says "who's his name?"
Cutest ever.

Yep, I'll get right on that.

Another gorgeous sky.
It was like the cotton candy variety pack.

Still reading Bible in a Year.
I kinda love it. 
So far I have completed Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Matthew, and Acts. 
I am sticking with the plan, but kinda ditched DA Carson at the end of January. 
Sorry, DA. 
Are you still on track with your Bible Reading Plan?

Are you local?
There are probably 248 taquerias on B Street.
I have finally decided on my favorite.
My friends of old love Pancho.
My friends of new love Tres.
I love Charlie's.
Best tacos in town.
Let's go get dinner sometime!

Ruffle bottom tights, and the tutu with the fluff (with the fluff). 
I would totally ditch my pajama jeans to wear this outfit. 

Phoebes and I were rollin' in the fire truck.
Puttin' out fires.
Savin' lives. 

This was one of my craft weekend swag items.
I didn't discover it til I got home.
And probably at just the right moment.
I wanted to do a post on this in and of itself.
Maybe I still will.
But for now, I have this right where I can see it when I go to bed at night,
and wake up in the morning.
It's an affirming reminder that I can't, and don't
do it all.


  1. loved that print too and didnt see it till i got home...i have to find a good place for it. Your mom's text's crack me up. My dad still has his first cell phone, its huge and bulky and it drives me crazy!!!

  2. Love the print. Oh, and are little girl legs in ballet tights not just the cutest thing?

  3. Randy McRandoms - ha! Love that name. I may steal it.

  4. Great print - totally the struggle of America. Right there with yah!

    p.s. I like charlie's too and don't like pancho or tres but prefer gordo on east bay and in the city :) but charlie's has great chile rellenos