Friday, February 17, 2012

InstaFriday: On To the Next Adventure

Happy Friday!!
I've got my Northfaces (yes, plural) packed, and I'm hitting the road with my sister, Ellen, and Cindy.
Last spring we headed up the mountain and then conquered it.
It was awesome.

We had such a great time, we started planning our next ski trip months ago!
Hopefully I will have the same confidence on the slopes that I did last year, and even more hopefully, there will be some snow on the ground.
It's been a rough year for snow in Tahoe.

So for now, cross your fingers, say a quick prayer, and see what the past week has involved...

 Friday night included some Diced Cilantro and Diet Cokes.
Yum x 2.

Saturday morning was a bit of relaxing at Panera. They have free wifi, but it kinda sucks.
I don't think I'll be back.
Also, spilled coffee on my Bible.
In the words of Cindy "at least it was Genesis and not Romans"

Saturday afternoon Ellen, Emily, Hayden and I got our craft on.

Margaret came home for a quick - and I mean quick - visit, with her roommate Kayla (hi Kayla!).
She also has some Irish staying at her house - so they picked me up for a quick SF adventure.
And by quick SF adventure, I mean 45 minutes to circle one block because the streets were closed for the Chinese New Year Parade.
But eventually we made it into Macy's and had dinner at the Burger Bar.
It was delish.
And me and my Irish homegirls were able to talk about the home country.

Monday I was very productive, despite Kinko's being down one copy machine.
I even made a few important phone calls on the way to the Goodwill to dump the hoarders style pile up that was going on in the back of my car.

Tuesday was a little lunch with my buddy.

Wednesday night was a quick dinner solo at the mall before Prayer Night.
I have a coupon card for free stuff at Hot Dog on a Stick.
So it's like treating myself for free!

Wednesday night the ladies took over the boys' seats at Prayer night. It ended up being just temporary, I think was a little uncomfortable for everyone. We are creatures of habit after all, and I like couch cushions.

That about wraps it up, I'm saving my FebPhotoADay and FebPhoto366 for a recap at the end of the month, so you'll get more on the happenings later!

But for now, I've got my snow pants packed, northface on, and am ready for a weekend of adventuring with some of my favorite people!

life rearranged


  1. As I read this, my North Face is flung over the chair next to me, so that made me giggle :) Can't wait for pics of sking, I love to get my slopes on. Mainly because I like wearing two braids and a hat. I like your InstaFriday biz, it's fun. I even went over and checked out Life Rearranged. Although I don't know how to link up...yet, I'll try this sometime. The week at a glance is snazzy. Have a happy weekend on the mountain, please yell fun stuff from the chair lift at the skiers below. I always do. Cause it's funny. To me.q

  2. I love that tea cup collection!!! :)

  3. have a fun weekend skiing. we're also ski weekend get awaying. looking forward to the break from reality.

  4. Looks like a fun packed week! Love your little lunch date. Such a sweet face!

    Kendra aka "Domestic Princess in Training"

  5. how fun! have a great time. love you.
    also, i love willy wonka.

  6. Oh I love Willy Wonka!! :) And I hate it when I spill on my Bible... just can't get the crinkle out of the pages!!! But you know what?? It means it is being used, and that's what is important!

    Have fun skiing!! :)

  7. When I saw that Northface photo on Pinterest, I totally thought of you! Glad you found it! :-)

    And I love that photo of your little buddy! Love!

  8. Thanks for that pic of that copy machine. Changed my life.
    Hope you had a good weekend. With no broken copy machines and no creepy Charlie and the Chocolate Factory smiles.

  9. kim, you are fancy.

    Gene Wilder is also fancy. a little freaky, but fancy.

    have a fancy weekend! (without freaks)

  10. Tell me more about this cilantro and diet coke!!! Also? that Willy Wonka image make me snort. :-)