Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Let the two days of snow-venture commence.
These three were looking fierce.

 Fueling up at the 'bucks.

Move over Gaga,
Lady Goggles are in town.

We have our gear, and we look cute.
Nothing left to do except hit the slopes.

Cindy finally gets to use her birthday present.
And she LOVES them. 

Gondola time!

I don't really have many pics from the slopes the first day.
I was a bit shaky this year.
A bit of reverting...according to my sister.

But it was still a fun day.
Laura and Ellen coached me the whole morning.
They even got me out on the non-kid runs.
Still Green slopes, but the Grown Up kind.

But it was a good day.
Ellen and Laura took a few runs themselves, and I took a ride back down on the gondola.

At the bottom, we treated ourselves to an end of ski day, Euro Snack.
Le Waf, is Le Delicious.

Our second snow sport day may have been fueled by the thought of another EuroSnack at the end.

Laura made my pops proud, and got herself her very own helmet.
White, so she could look like a jordan almond. 

The sisters split up. 
Ellen & Cindy hit the shoeing trails, 
and Laura and I headed straight to the green slopes.
Where we essentially had the whole mountain to ourselves at the beginning of the morning.

It was kind of one of those
"Is this real life?" kind of experiences,
with a twist of "Is this really president's day weekend?"

EuroSnacks were indulged in at the end of our snow day.
A little napping,
and we headed into the village
where we may or may not have hit up every single dining establishment.
But I'll never tell.

A final night's rest, and we hit the road.
But not before we hit up EuroSnack.
One last time.
Our Northfaces earned their keep that weekend.


  1. Wow I'm first again!!

    Gondolas scare the crap outta me. Like my knees are shaking from the thought.

    You take good pics. You're so high tech with your apps.

    You look cute in all the pics!!

  2. How fun! And what beautiful pictures!

  3. i love getting to relive that weekend! it was really fantastic, wasnt it?

    jordan freaking almond. i love.

    and i love le waf. i told you, hope church has a legit franchise to be a part of...

    i'm pretty sure that my hours of snow shoeing did not even make up for the the calories in one le waf. c'est la vie

  4. I am not a fan of skiing but that looks like lots of fun! Especially the EuroSnack part :)

  5. NUM, Belgian waffles--LOVE! I've always learned how to ski...I wonder if there is still time?

  6. i want that waffle.

    and i tagged you!

  7. kayla and her northface want in next year. or kayswiss624 goes bye bye.

  8. so fun! love the smiles and bright snow gear!
    AND the waffles!