Saturday, February 25, 2012

Happy Schnaturday

First thing after waking up and going outside,
come back inside and curl up for an after potty nap.

Then it's time for a fantastic round of musical chairs.
First up is a nice warm seat.

Then hop over to reposition on the full sized couch.

After a few minutes there, the floor will be calling your name.

But then you decide the couch might be where it's at.

The chair is nice, pillow free, no one to bug you.

Back to the sofa, to do a little redecorating. 
It's all about feng shui up in here.

Settle in for a bit.
And by a bit, we mean about a minute.

And then back to the solo chair.
Schnoodles need their space.

After a good hour of figuring it all out, it is time for a serious schnooze.
Twitchy lips and all.

Followed by twitchy lips and paws.

Group nap time is followed by a trip to your favorite spot in the world.
The Bay Trail.

It's a good day to be a Schnoodle.


  1. Looks like you gals had a great day! I love puppy naps. Where did you guys walk? Looks so beautiful!! Happy Saturday Cuppa!

  2. Love this. You could replace Mylie with Hewitt and it would be the same story!! He alternates from the loveseat, to the chair, to the couch and occasionally the chaise lounge. HA!!

  3. ok, Mylie = Adorbs. I think we have hit the place in our relationship where it's time for you to bring me home to meet the Schnoodle. Agreed? Great, let's start looking at dates. Also, love that in the first pic not only is there puppy cuteness happening, but I see signs of a Wiimote and a band aid colored bread box. Both things that make me happy and giggle:) But that last pic is a show stopper! Love, Love.

  4. Wow you are really hard on that dog.

  5. My dog isn't allowed on the furniture. She now wants to come live at your house. :)