Monday, February 27, 2012

Second Annual Tahoe Sister Trip: The Arrival

Alright ladies and gents.
Last weekend, Cindy, Ellen, Laura and I headed out to the snow
to celebrate

I mean no better way to say 
"hey, FDR, your New Deal was AWESOME"
than heading to the snow.

JFK, we think you're swell, so I'm going to rent some skis. 

Grover Cleveland? 

And hey, it's all about the Washington's. 

We packed up Hippo, with room to spare. 
Yes, this year we packed way lighter.

LC and I took the back seat.
It's like being chauffeured around in a bullet proof Cadillac Escalade,
you know, like presidents do.

There wasn't exactly a plethora of snow as we climbed into the mountains.
But the sites were beautiful.

Finally, a little bit of white gold.

Ellen was our fearless driver.
She got us there (and home) safely and swiftly.

After some serious shopping and dining at the outlets, 
we made it to our favorite snow getaway,
And hauled up our excessive (yet less than last year) 
amount of gear.

Thankfully, we fit it all into the second tiniest elevator I have ever been in.
(First tiniest is at the hotel Villa Florence in SF - that ish is TINY).

We unpacked our gear, and Cindy brought it to a whole nother level
with stylish shades and neckstrap.
If there was a competition for hottest styles on the slopes,
she would win, hands down.

And then,
more shopping.

We walked the streets paths of Northstar and got some serious shopping done.
New hats and goggles!
They also called in DJ Cuppa to spin a few beats.

We headed back to the room and glammed ourselves up for dinner,
where we had high expectations of the famous Pork Chop
we had all been salivating and dreaming of since last year.
Sadly, Baxter's failed, and only had ONE.
We needed four.
I ended up being the lucky recipient, and gladly shared some pork.
But not those onion rings.
They were SO GOOD.
And all mine.

Back to the room, where Cindy and Ellen had arranged
Sprinkles cupcakes and a champagne toast as
an early birthday surprise for Laura.

A little Bridesmaids on DVD and I was out like a LIGHT,
which is good because we had a full two days ahead of athletic adventures. 

More to come...


  1. I like to think of shopping as an athletic adventure.
    Isn't that enough?

  2. I do not like snow. But I like this post. You are funny and cute. Also...the cupcake looks delish and I need to watch bridesmaids again.

  3. dude, horrific pic of me and the shades. #bleh

    but serious, that was a good day.

    is it time for tahoe 2013 yet?

  4. you are so entertaining. come write my posts for me!

    glad you had white gold fun. i hate to ski or be cold. i am surrounded by people who love to ski and be cold, who i love.

  5. fun city!
    me thinks i need to visit tahoe.
    although, i will just hang out, because skiing hates me.
    also, thrilled to know of your dj skills.

  6. LOVE me some Tahoe!!!!! Looked like so much fun....YEAH for Sisters Trips!!!
    Also, your pork chop looked amazing. I want that NOW. Is it lunch time yet?

  7. i LOVE tahoe. i seriously think it's my FAVORITE place on earth!

    you crack me up..ALWAYS

    can you believe i haven't seen bridesmaids. lame