Monday, February 13, 2012

Hope San Mateo: Valentine's Edition

Sunday morning devotional.
Men serving by leading.

Unity in service.

Sending Margaret to the Orphans.

Esteeming the wise women who are the treasures of Hope. 

Praise be to God for showing our little church how to live out the Gospel.

A simple Sunday,
truly a gift of grace from the Lord in being able to serve alongside these men and women,
and love the women of Hope
as well as the elderly in our community,
in the name of Jesus.

Thank you Lord, for allowing me the privilege and joy of being a part of Hope


  1. How exciting!! And I love your red stamp stuff too. ;)

  2. The prayer over the widows wrecked me.
    What a blessing you all are to your community, large & small!!

  3. one of my fave sundays in a long time. thanks for the recap :)

  4. I need to visit your church someday. I am so blessed by your posts about it. Would you pray for me... that God would bring harmony and encouragement to a friendship that is really in trouble right now?