Friday, February 10, 2012

10 on 10: February 2012

I eat the same thing for breakfast.
Every day.
I buy them at Target cause they are WAY cheap there.
They went on sale even more last night.
So I bought eight boxes.
Don't judge.

The sky when I left for work this morning.

I reached in my drawer to grab a teabag this morning.
And realized how much happy is in that little drawer.

Celebrated coworker Derrick's birthday today.
They were as good as they looked.

My, my, what do I see here?
Come on precipitation.  

Listening for the mailman.
A lot of grumbling went on here.

Sometimes when I'm sad or stressed I grab that striped pencil to write with.
It makes things better.
Okay, it doesn't really make things better.
But I don't mind the placebo effect.

Also when I'm stressed, or the day is dragging I indulge in a butterscotch mini.
Today my mini was a mini and a half.

I let the piles stack up during the week.
Last thing I do before I ditch the dolphin is file those suckers.
It's a love/hate relationship I have with Friday afternoons.

The pink blossoms are here!
They show up every February.
And don't last too long.
But long enough for me to enjoy them as I leave work each night for a couple weeks.
A little happy to end my day. 

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  1. I've never heard of Vitatops. Hmm.
    Cute doggie. :)

  2. WHAT is that breakfast deal?
    Do you take your dog to work?
    I love filing.

  3. I am a creature of habit with the breakfast... no judging here. I buy Kashi in bulk if it is on sale at Target too. Great minds think alike!

  4. Love your box of happy, girl!
    I totally forgot about 10 on 10 until mid day.
    11 on 11 anyone?

  5. I saw the cherry blossoms starting around here this week, too - caught me a little by surprise, but spring is just around the corner!

  6. I know, I find myself cheering for rain this year. Happy Sunday, Kim!

  7. Hmmm... I have no idea what a VitaTop is??!! We have some pink blossoms over here, too. They are so sweet for the few days they are here! :)

  8. That chocolate frosting is killing me right now.
    The 429 mandarins I'm consuming a day to avoid sugar just aren't cutting it.


  9. Love the raindrops photo. Love your set!