Thursday, February 23, 2012

Last Night at the Warfield (@matkearney)

Me and some fabulous ladies enjoyed a little Mat Kearney action.
Always an adventure heading into the city.
And you know how I feel about adventures.
And the city.
Recipe for amazing.

Front row of course.
Get there when the opener is going, and make sure you have elbows of steel, and it's yours for the taking.

Love him, love his music.
Love when he freestyles.
(watch the videos)

Mat loves San Mateo.
He has a lot of fans here.
I think he should do the Concert in Central Park series this summer.
Call me Mat!

He played all of my favs new and old (sans Girl America, which is definitely one of my top top favs), Count on Me, All I Need, Undeniable, She Got the Honey Closer to Love, Breathe In, Breathe Out, and a handful more. SO GOOD. Every single song I think I yelled, I LOVE THIS ONE.
Also, front row basically means I was INSIDE the speakers.
Pardon my "what!?!? can you repeat that? sorry I didn't hear you" for the next month or so.

Hopefully a report on my big adventure weekend in Tahoe to come soon.


  1. i feel the need to be the first comment.
    a Godly jealousy is oozing out of my pores.
    also, please teach me how to make my pics look like the first pic. i am still instagram lame.

  2. so fun lucky! again i have to say you always do the coolest shhhtuff.

  3. Oh my word I adore Mat! I've been a fan for almost 10 years, I'm so happy you got to see him! He was in MPLS back in Nov. but we had just seen David Crowder, so we just didn't spend the money, ............we should have!!

    I love the pics too Kim!

  4. yes. the first pic is killin' it.
    also, i am a bit ashamed of how jealous i am over this. but whatever.
    someone has to be the jam and see his shows, right?
    love you.

  5. Stop it...he played Superbass!!! I love it!!
    You are having some killer adventures lately. Awesome.

  6. Were the waiters/waitresses/bartenders sad because the booze wasn't flowing like milk and honey that night?

  7. i would have yelled. a lot. and probably vlogged.
    i need to do something vlogworthy soon.