Friday, April 27, 2012

Texts from My Mother: The Nutella Conspiracy

The other day, I randomly got this text from my mom....

And if you've been around here for any length of time, you know that random texts from my mom are not that surprising.

That weird symbol instead of a 0 in the 20 - that is my mom's signature symbol.
She doesn't know how to make a 0 on her phone, but it's cool, cause then I know that she really is texting me and it's not some weird old school flip phone hacker.

In fact, my sister got the exact same text...and made sure to post to Instagram.

I stop by my parents' house on my lunch break most days.
Yesterday when I arrived, no one was home (except Mylie of course), and this was sitting on the kitchen table waiting for me.

My mom loves a good class action.
Actually, thanks to her I've received several hundred bucks over the years from miscellaneous class action suits.

In this case it basically says Nutella claimed it was a healthy item - and we all know that low cal nutella exists in the same world as unicorns and rainbows.

I am defintely not plotting to take down Nutella, but if they want to pay me for eating their insanely high calorie deliciousness, I may as well jump on board.
So, who is with me?
Are we filing?


  1. Wait...unicorns aren't real?! I knew it had to be someone else's fault that I eat fatty foods. I'm totally in!

  2. I'm in ha.ha. does it matter that i've never tried nutella?

  3. Omgosh this is hilar. I am not a fan of nutella...? Sorry. I have had it though and will file ASAP.

  4. I'm in, I always laugh at the label that says its part of a nutritious breakfast. Maybe it is if you're riding a unicorn on a rainbow :)

  5. out. because i'm lazy, and i know it's not nutritious. it has chocolate and hazelnut in it, duh!

  6. That's hilarious. I have never had Nutella. But if there is some class action suit, maybe I should just stay away! :)

  7. What?! Nutella isn't really healthy?! My world just fell apart!

    P.S.: I wish I lived in the States... :o)

  8. My company had a class action law suit. I opted out-- I figured my company could keep the 17 cents they would have given me. The employees were got a couple thousand. I will never pass up a class action law suit again!