Thursday, April 5, 2012


So far, my Pintertesting has turned out rather well.
The other day, I saw this pin...
and was SO excited to try it out.

On this nasty cookie sheet.

A little baking soda.
A little hydrogen peroxide.

Mix into a paste.

And scrub.
The instructions said she used just a little bit of scrubbing power.

I used a ton.
And added more baking soda.
Then more peroxide.
Nothing happened.
I mean, NOTHING.
The sponge was as clean as it started.

And I had peroxide-baking-soda crumbles flinging all over my countertops.

Anyway, the reviews on the original post have a TON of positive feedback.
It seems that perhaps it was operator error.

Anybody else try this yet?
Or willing to, and tell me it worked?
I want to have faith in the "miracle cleaner"

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  1. hmmm. i use a vinegar and soda mix for a scrub paste. at least it didn't affect your awesomeness. sorry you got punked. love you!

  2. Trader Joes even make their baking soda cute! Too bad about it not working. I have a cookie pan that looks like that too. If I ever use it I usually cover it in foil. ha!

  3. I think it is the cookie sheets fault. They bake to a point of no return. Which means you have been a busy baker. I'd rather have ugly baking sheets than pretty ones collecting dust. Yep.

  4. So sad! I've been wanting to try that one, I've got some super yucky looking sheets. I might try in the future, and see if i have some success. Sometimes I wonder if people give good reviews before they've actually tried it. Wanna make yourself feel better? MAKE THE DOTS!

  5. just buy a new pan. WAY easier. thanks for trying. so i can just keep buying new pans.

  6. Once again, I am devastated for you.

  7. My cookie sheets look exactly like this! I'll have to try this to see if I have any success!

  8. thank you for testing this for me. i'll skip the elbow grease and buy a new cookie sheet instead.

    happy easter, kim!