Thursday, April 26, 2012

You Say it's Your Birthday, It's My(lie's) Birthday Too!

Today everybody's favorite Schnoodle turns 7 years old!
We had a quick party hat event on my lunch break to celebrate.

We also did a quick MylieCam where she showed off all of the tricks she has learned in her 7 years of life!
She is pretty much super ultra mega talented.
The girl can fist bump. 
She is available for parties, films, bar mitzvahs.
Her rider contract does stipulate endless shredded wheat be made available at all times.

And as a reference, she is amazing on camera, 
posing for still shots require a bit of seen here. 

Mylie says thanks to everybody for being her biggest fan over the years, 
she will be available for autographs this weekend. 

Have your people call her people.


  1. I can't see the video {sad face} but there is no doubt she is super talented. Now I just have to get some "people" so I can call her "people"
    Happy Birthday!!!!!

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  3. ummm i'm pretty sure mylie has been "bang"-ing since before last week. but it definitely is my favorite trick. happy birthday smiles!

  4. Yay! Happy Birthday Mylie!!! Kim, is that you talking in the video? Your voice is so different than what I thought it would sound like. HAHAHA.

  5. Dear Mylie,
    Happy birthday. I hope we will meet this summer.

    Please have your mom either text me, tweet me, draw, or email me the name of that cool picture app she uses.

    Hot diggity dog,

  6. happy birthday, fancy doggie!
    party it up, y'all! xo

  7. Aww, her little tail just wagging away! She was the one who had the surgery, wasn't she? Happy Birthday to Mylie and many happy returns!

  8. mylie is one loved doggie. i'm not an animal liker, but i already like mylie.

  9. She is a cutie. :) Today is actually the 5 year anniversary of when our little pup, Sophie, came to live with us. We don't have parties... she is so deprived!!