Monday, April 9, 2012

Hello Easter Weekend

Hello Good Friday Communion Service.

Hello attempt at wrangling kids in the back with a Veggie Tales DVD. 

Hello four more cute kids that joined this party with lots of giggles, 
hide and seek, and anything but VeggieTales watching.
Hello Good News Club in Half Moon Bay.
Hello Miss Pam telling the Easter story to 30+ neighborhood kids who are eager to hear it!

Hello Egg Hunt #1
 Hello Sheep & Wolves Tag, probably my new favorite kid game.

Hello second neighborhood Good News Kids Club, with sixty pairs of fresh eyes and fresh ears eager to hear the Easter Gospel Message. 

Hello Kids' Easter message given by (Arnold) Palmer.
On Palm Sunday, they cried Hosanna!
They didn't get it.
On Good Friday, they cried Crucify Him!
They didn't get it. 
On Easter Sunday, what is your cry?
Do you get it?

Hello empty tomb!

Hello Risen Lord!

(He is risen indeed!) 

Hello death, where is your victory? Where is your sting?


  1. Great post Kim! Love it! Looks like you had a GREAT Easter!

  2. Last line of this post = one of my favorite worship songs.....

  3. Love your faith-filled Hellos! Superbness to the max.

  4. Lovin' your Good New Club. So cool. I wanna come. Do you guys travel?

  5. Love the cross art and the Good News Club! Looks like a wonderful, glorifying time! :)

  6. LOVE. i need to join your church. need.
    praise jesus for good news clubs, champion!
    we did them on our patio, summers and falls in maryland.
    only ever had a few kids at each one, but MAN.
    totally excellent returns on that investment.

    love you, sweetie friend!
    also, cool Easter banner, need that also.


  7. what a great weekend remembering our Savior!

  8. haha love the veggie tales "attempt" I teach Sunday School and I cringe when I see movies...the kids never want to watch

  9. i like that you are the church. thank you for making Him look good.

  10. Dude. 99.999999% sure that the legit rapunzel was at half moon bay's good news club. Yep.