Monday, April 30, 2012

Mylie's Adventure Day

I mentioned in my last post I had some fun adventures planned this weekend.
I had been trying to check out Fort Funston for the longest time.
It worked out to be the same weekend as Mylie's Birthday - so hey, let's just call it a celebration.

Fort Funston is on the south end of San Francisco, along the bluffs above the Pacific.
It is incredibly beautiful.

Sandy Dunes.
Ice Plant for Days.

This weekend in April it was bright green, spattered with bright fuchsia blooms.

Fort Funston is a huge off leash dog area.
With temperatures about to hit the mid seventies on a sunny Saturday, there were dogs EVERYWHERE.
Random black labs running around the parking lot, with no owners seeming to claim them?
Uh, okay.

Anyway, my sister and I took Mylie out towards the trails.
I had high hopes.
But, after a couple of rough aggressive dogs at the dog park, Mylie can be a bit skittish with other dogs.
On leashes, controlled by both owners, meeting is usually good.
But if she feels surprised or cornered, I get nervous for her reaction.

So, while we headed out, we eventually found a tiny patch of sand and ice plant where she could roam, or  scamper in her case, around freely.

But her independence didn't last long as a bunch of other dogs - I'm talking a TON, were all over.
So we headed back to the car for the next part of our adventure.

As awesome as Fort Funston is, on a crazy busy Saturday, it's just not for her.
For a super social and active pup, it is a dream.
Maybe we'll get back there on a weekday when it is less hectic.
I'd love to give it another go.

Off to our next stop, Fort Miley.
Mylie's namesake Fort, almost.

See how regal she is sitting next to the sign?

I need to start off saying,
We will be back.

One day hanging with my family a few months ago, we happened upon it.
I had never even heard of it, but on our way to the Legion of Honor, I saw the sign,
and of course made my dad make a u-turn.
I had been dying to bring the Smiley dog back.

It has some of the most beautiful views of the Pacific and the Golden Gate.
We parked, descended the stairs to the trail, and headed east - towards the bay.

Totally dog friendly, and rumored to have an off leash dog area (though I didn't seem to find it, but I wasn't really looking), it was a bright trail, with some lush greenery along the way.

Laura and I found an awesome shady staircase where we could hear the crashing of the waves down the we took them, not exactly sure what we'd find.


As the trees opened up, we found this:

Super awesome semi-secret beach.
Rocky, not necessarily a swimmy beach, but the waves were crashing and the ocean was spraying.

Tons of mussels in shells between the rocks.

I wanted to stay there forever.
So did Smiles.
She found a comfy place to sit.
Schnoodle on the rocks.

We climbed back up the bluff, on a different trail, more rocky, and found a cool rock maze as well.
And some spiritual enlightenment.

We turned around and headed back - mission complete.
Adventurous success.

And it was time to refuel.
Thank goodness for the iPhone.
And the Google.
"Dog friendly restaurants in San Francisco"
And my sister doing said googling, because I imagine there were quite a few results.
BUT, she discovered the Park Chalet, the sister restaurant to the Beach Chalet had outdoor dog friendly seating!

And was right nearby.
An already awesome day, just got even more awesome.
Is that even possible?

Mylie and I secured some lounge chairs while Laura ordered us some lunch.

Mylie got to feel like a big deal out and about with the rest of the city dogs in Golden Gate Park.

We all went home a little sweaty and a lot happy.
I love me some dreary, rainy weather, but when it comes to adventures, warm California sunshine is where it's at.

As far as adventures go, this one goes down in the books as a perfect 10.

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  1. Aw, that sounds amazing! Mylie's adorable, and I'm glad y'all found some fun new places to take her! I love taking Scout places, but around here it's usually difficult to take her most places. Great idea though, to google dog-friendly dining! :-) Glad Mylie's birthday weekend was a success!

  2. That sounds like a fantastic adventure! Except the crazy off-leash dog thing. I have a crazy black lab and that makes me nervous to think of a bunch of wild Tobys off their leashes! :) Glad you made up for it at Fort Miley!

  3. PErfect day, great pictures. And why are your shoes so cute??? I need some.

  4. Alright so a few things:
    - the spiritual enlightenment - is it gangsta?
    - you got very powerful over fort Miley. Like your language. Evaluate your heart.
    - did you write love in rocks or were they there?
    - Miley is cute and so are you.

  5. This looks like pretty much the best day EVER! We took Homie to Fort Funston once. He loved running up and down the beach, but would not go near the water. Marco tried to get him to sit in the wet sand and he would not put his butt all the way down. Hysterical! I think we for sure need to check out Fort Miley next! She is adorable and I'm glad she got to have such a fun birthday celebration!

  6. hooray for miley day!
    BEAUTIFUL pics. wow. and the secret beach needs me. i hear it calling to me right now!

    you have a sweet dog. and shhhh, i don't even like little dogs. *gasp!*

    love you, a cuppa full.

  7. double gasp.
    i spelled mylie's name wrong!
    i am a cuppa fulla idiot.

  8. I loving your blog. I found your blog via Bits of Splendor. :) Mylie is too cute. I have a I'm partial to any dog with oodle. :)

  9. Wow that spot was a-we-s-ome. So so beautiful. Looks like ya'll had a fun day and Mylie what a cutie!:)

  10. Great adventure and photos!! :) I have a little terrier mix. She puffs herself up and taunts other dogs at dog parks and then she freaks out when they try and attack her. I keep telling her she's bringing it on, but she doesn't listen!! :)

  11. You & Mylie have the best adventures.
    One of these days you'll have to adventure up this way....

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  13. pretty fantastic part of the city, if you ask me!

    and there's a really beautiful secluded bench that over looks the ocean and bridge. i'll have to take you and mylie there one day!