Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekendy Business

So on Thursday night, I got a fun new toy.
It might or might not be an iPad.
You see, I'm totally obsessed with draw something.
And needed a better drawing surface.
On Friday night I really got to play!
Ellen busted me multitasking - checking InstaGram and playing Draw Something.
If only she were here right now, she'd bust me triple fisting Apple products.

Saturday AM, Jessica and Emily hosted the most adorable shower for the most adorable newborn baby girl. There were great friends, great food, and the cutest decorations. 
There was even a onesie decorating area.  
This is my handiwork. 
Nothing screams "baby" like a steaming hot cuppa tea, right? 
I'm just trying to start her young.

After the shower, my sister and I needed to burn off those party food calories, so we met up with her hubster aka my Beast-in-law, and went off to hike the Stanford Dish. 

I've always wanted to check it out, and it was surprisingly different than I had pictured it.
But still awesome.
About 3.5 miles along the trail - and we had to park about a mile away.
According to my sister, we did about 5 miles. 

This may be the most beautiful picture I have ever taken. 
Not to my credit - Its not like I created the Earth.

Eventually we made it to the dish, actually dishes. 
There were a few up there.

San Mateo has some killer views, but this place was PRIMO.
You could see all the way from San Francisco to San Jose, and everything in between.

The only downside to this adventure was the no dogs allowed rule.
Mylie would LOVE this place.
And not just because of their overweight and overpopulated squirrel problem.
Seriously, this would be her version of doggie heaven.
Those squirrels would be DONE if she had an hour there. 

After finishing at the dish, we headed to University Ave, where we did a little window shopping, 
and had a Thai Iced tea. 
Also, Laura and I went Corgi hunting. 
We found one, his name was Aslan.
And SUPER cute.

Sunday morning was churchy biz. I got to hang out with this super cutie.
She was all snuggles and cuddles. 
Just the way all babies (and puppies) should be. 

And while I was hanging with the kids,
one of the kids was covering my other duties at the Hospitality Table.
Ashlyn was regulating on the grown ups brownie consumption.
One sweet each.
"Or else you will have to go to the dentist and get a big shot."

Those are a few of the highlights.
At least that I got on camera.
And by camera, we all know I mean on iPhone.


  1. LOVE your weekend. ipad sounds f.u.n.

    baby showers are the jam! love that onesie!

  2. HA beat me to the first. Rude.

    Listen, did you see my Mom's house?

    I can't believe you made that onesie AT the shower!!! That's awes bloss.

  3. Such great photos...and that one you took of the clouds is AMAZING.

  4. That photo is gorgeous! God does good work and you captured it well. :) I discovered Draw Something last week, too. So fun! :)

  5. You worked that onesie! I don't remember the last time I touched my "real" camera and I am constantly on 2 devices, booya.

  6. lame on no dogs on the hike. isn't that kind of one of the best things about hiking?? I think i need an iphone simply for the camera.

  7. can you ride bikes on the dish trail? looks amazing will put on my to do list. thanks for sharing

  8. Congrats on the new toy! Who are you on Draw Something? I LURVE that game. I am All The Live Long Day, if you'd like to doodle with me! :o)

  9. I mean could you be cuter? XO

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  11. what a happy week.

    i admire how you love your family.

    your hike was beautiful.

    reminds me of pix i took on a favorite post form last year-

    our hills look like that now. calling me to hike, walk, be outside... but i sprained my ankle. mean ankle.

  12. I serve all babies a hot cuppa tea.
    Not really.
    But I will now.
    That onesie is too cute.
    Can you make one in my size?

    and that DOES look like dog heaven...
    I might drop my non stop barking dog off there, anyway...and leave it there.