Tuesday, April 10, 2012

10 on 10: April 2012

After a crazy dry winter, 
spring has sprung and April Showers are doing their best to bring May Flowers.
But not on my back deck.
I don't do plants.
I have a palm out front.
Which I haven't watered in two months.
Which reminds me...

Lent is over, and I'm back on the Keurig. 
I'm suddenly so excited to arrive at work.

Speaking of work...
all of my favorite office supplies ready for a busy day's work...

Kinda broke Konnie the Konica.
It started with a simple paper jam.
Turned into a drawer that wouldn't close.
Called in coworker Derrick for back up.
Unscrewing the entire left side.
Reassembling, and wedging a screwdriver in to get the drawer shut again.
MacGuyver style.
And paper unjammed.
MOD struck again.

Greeted by the cone head at lunch.

All in a day's work. 
ALMOST have 2011 in the books. 

Peace out office.
Hello super cute umbrella,
and drizzly evening.

This is her third (or fourth?) attempt at a nest up there
(this year)
so far, two (or three) cracked eggs on the pavement below.
I'm rooting for her.  
But she is picking a rough spot.
I've been taking pics of her plight all season.
Blog post needed?

Off to the gym.
Don't wait to hydrate.

Evening Schnoodle pick up & slumber party. 
Suture removal at 8am tomorrow! 

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  1. Cute doggy!! Great shots of your day!

  2. seriously, mylie is adorbs.

    glad you got to the gym, sad i missed it since there was miraculously a machine open to your right. ;)

    glad you are hydrating!! never too early to do so!

  3. I am a huge sucker for office supplies. I used to be a sucker for cute umbrellas and then I moved to Portland for 5 months and never saw the sun and now I am fine without umbrellas.

    Every year we have a bird lay eggs somewhere on our property. It gets a tad old.

    I just noticed how techy you are with your scrolling buttons.

  4. Love the umbrella photo, it is awesome.

  5. So we have some dumb birds that continually build a nest in our pool cave. Which is a totally rich person problem, I know. The baby birds fall in the pool and peace out. Super awesome. Circle of life OC style.

  6. Welcome back to Mr. Keurig.
    Who loves you baby?

  7. You are so funny, Kim. "Greeted by the conehead" BAHAHAHA. I'm glad she's getting her sutures out soon!

  8. I miss office supplies. Alot. Also I'm going to steal that umbrella. Goodbye.

  9. Love your puppy pictures. Poor little buddy wearing the cone of shame...so cute!

  10. so fancy with your keurig.
    office supplies always call my name. target has new (their brand) stuff that i NEED to try. including paper tape...omg.

    love you, and your littlr dog, too.

  11. Newest follower - Hi!! I found you through a comment you left on Joy's Hope.

    I LOVE my Keurig! And your pictures are awesome, I love the one with the fun umbrella and rain :D

    Can't wait to read more!