Monday, October 8, 2012

Texts from My Dad: The Harvest

A few weeks ago, my dad sent me and my sister the following text.

That cute little mini green tomato was left perfectly intact on one of the stairs inside the house.
I responded that she probably just thought it was one of her toys growing on the tree.

He did some further investigating to discover who was the true culprit...

Chloe got away scott free...
I think Mylie was framed.

I'm pretty sure Chloe is the one who comes up with the mischievous ideas and somehow tricks Mylie into pulling them off....

Anyway, the sad, green tomato sat on my parents counter for a few days, Mylie got a bath, and the whole tomato scandal was forgotten.

Until the other day....

I mean come on, I'm with Mylie, the fields are ready to be harvested.


  1. That's really funny!! And fun!!! I love dogs! Those two are cute, too! What kind are they?

  2. Haha, that's hilarious! This weekend I caught Scout with a hair clampy thing that I'd accidentally left on the coffee table... Later that night, CC found a bread bag twist tie mysteriously laying next to her bed! We also had friends over Friday night, so there's no telling what else she ended up with that we don't even know about!

  3. I love Bruce. And LJ. And Mylie. And Chloe. Confession: it's me that's been stealing the green tomatoes. I really just couldn't help myself. I'm sorry, Bruce.

  4. you are funny people.

    tell your dad to make green enchilada sauce.