Monday, October 29, 2012


It was an amazing season.
I got to attend 7 games.
And even got to get up close and personal with the 2010 World Series trophy.
I ate my share of churros, red ropes, hot dogs, and Ghirardelli sundaes.
I clapped my heart out, I fist pumped til my arm was numb, I didn't stop believing.

It was an unbelievable run in the playoffs. 
There were shark fins.
Man dimes.
Rally enchiladas.
And so much cheering.
Coming back in three straight elimination games.

It was a magical World Series.
Unbelievable bunts.
Glorious catches.
Fake tattoos.
And so much food.
Pies. Dips. Hot dogs. Cheese.
So much cheese.

And it was all worth it tonight.
Game 4.
Sweep. Sweep. Sweep. Sweep. Sweep.

2012 World Series Champions
San Francisco Giants!!!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a fun little consolation prize to put together for a certain Tiger's fan


  1. deja deja vu anyone???
    2012 will go down in infamy.

    baseball season, it's been real.
    cannot wait to be reunited in seven months!

    #giants2013 #winagain #rally #rally #rally

  2. For a certain broken-hearted Tiger's fan :(

    Congratulations, Giants!

  3. Amazing... #FACT
    These boys deserve it... They all have so much heart!
    Can't wait for next season, until then drink up and enjoy the victory!!!

  4. #rallykim i want some of that champagne.

  5. CONGRATS!!!! A sweep!! We're baseball fans here but we pull for our Atlanta Braves. :)

  6. STRAIGHT BULLDOZER ROLL. I love it. I also love that we got to share many parts of this momentous occasion together. Except when we ditched you for real seats and you ditched us for Band-Aid. The princess cake may have been > the real seats. Not going to lie. ROOOOOLL orange and black for LYFE.

  7. So much awesome happening in this post! I am still smiling from last night! LOVE MY GIANTS!!!

  8. You're so fun. I had just as much fun following y'alls (Giants crazies) instagrams as I did following the Giants.

    Anyhoo...I love your blog, and when someone nominated me for a liebster award, I couldn't help but jump on the love train and nominate you as well. Details on my blog if you want to participate. :) Otherwise, just know your blog makes me happy!

  9. You are my most favorite picmonkey collage maker in the history of picmonkey collage. Favorite. That drinks Dom. Baller collage maker.