Monday, October 22, 2012

A Little Break Between Pitches

The weekend went quick, too quick.
It was full of baseball. A LOT of baseball.

And a little bit of this....

NLCS Game 7 Tonight.
1st Pitch, 5pm.
Be there.


  1. Hummmmmm Baby!!!! GOOOOOO Giants!!! I am pretty sure my blog readers & Instagram followers are sick of me talking about the Giants. Ha!

  2. This photo is awesome! It looks like art! Did you use something to edit it?

  3. i have a pit in my stomach just thinking about it.

  4. oh I'll be there....rooting for the cardinals of course! ;) my husband and family are all die hard cardinal fans!!

  5. I haven't told you this yet but had it not been for you being a Giants fan and our possible friendly wager on the World Series, I would be cheering for St. Louis. A - My dad's extended family is from Missouri. We spent a lot of time there and it's always been the NL team we've rooted for. B. There's a score to settle from the 2006 World Series. BUT I am rooting for the Giants. Just tonight. Come Wednesday, it's Detroit ALL THE WAY!

  6. yo. those happy girls. cute to the max.
    and i can hardly stand this. i wanna be a legit giants fan already! #mustmovetocalistat

  7. um. NEED this picture. So perfect. Also perfect? 2012 WORLD SERIES GIANTS, BABY!!!!!!!!!!!