Friday, October 19, 2012

Thirty-One: Take Two.

It was my thirty-first back in August.
I turned 31 in Florence, Italy.
Fancy, I know.
But I'm a brat, and I have birthday problems.
I never enjoy my real birthday. Ever. I cry every year.
I really try hard not to, like REALLY hard, but I can't help it.
This year was no exception.
It's embarrassing to admit. So let's move on.

The last few years, I have opted out of birthday celebrations - but my sister friends, Laura, Cindy and Ellen weren't going to let me get away with it this year.
Especially since they had the cutest Thirty-One themed birthday adventure planned.

It started with the three of them picking me up on Saturday night, and telling me to make sure my phone had space for plenty of photos - as this would be a blogworthy event. I knew right then it was going to be a great night.

From the backseat, Cindy handed me a card with what would be my first clue. Each of the clues had plenty of Bridemsaids references, and I was able to figure out we were headed to a new restaurant in town that I had been dying to check out, 31st Union.

So, it's no secret that I love all things California these days.
I mean, it's the best state ever.
Well, did you know that California was the 31st state in the Union?
Neither did I.

Well, this ADORABLE and amazing little restaurant was all things California.
A giant chalkboard map of the state, with arrows shot into all of the noteworthy cities.

Everything about this restaurant is local. And not just the food, the wood on the walls and benches was even locally sourced.
It made me proud to be a Californian.
God Bless California.

Small plates, small bites, but crazy good.

We split a cheese board between the four of us (forgot to take a pic!)
And I had the fish & chips (seafood exception comes into play here).
They were SO GOOD.

It was such the most perfect way to celebrate the milestone year of turning the big three-one.

Next thing I knew, I was told there was another destination.
I was given my clue, for thirty-one options of sweet treats.
You know where this is going....

But meanwhile, on our walk to 31 Flavors, we passed another local restaurant - 231 Ellsworth.
It wasn't on the agenda, but an appropriate photo op for my 2nd 31st.

They treated me to anything I wanted.
My Baskin Robbins favs are Pistachio Almond & Cherries Jubilee.
A scoop of each, in a waffle cone.
Also, my eyes were bigger than my stomach.

And me, oh my, this was not my last destination.
There was another clue.
Complete with another Bridesmaids reference (Cindy, you have skills at tying them in).
And we ended our night hanging out at another local fav, laughing, and playing silly card games.

It was a wonderful homegrown celebration with lifelong friends.
Thank you girls.
(Also, I feel like we still need a trip to the mall food court: Food31 to complete the 31 theme!)


  1. perfect. except for your choice in ice cream. Gross.

    Take me to all those places.

    1. yea, out of all the 31 flavors, she picks those. i mean, trick oreo treat?!?!

  2. Happy 2nd 31st Kim.
    i want the ca chalkboard. do i see an arrow in my city?

  3. we are hot.

    thanks for turning 31 so we could through you an awesome bday night.

    pretty stoked it made the blog.

    jiu jiu.

    1. and of course, by through i mean throw.

  4. Glad you got to do it up right! You have some great friends who put that all together for you. Love special days like that!

  5. This is really fun & super sweet!

  6. yay! i celebrated my 31st in august too:) did you get a thirty-one bag from one of your gals? all of my family lives in california...why am i in maryland again?

    so glad it was a good celebration for you Kim!

  7. Best night ever!! Glad you enjoyed it friend.
    XOXO x 31

  8. 31?
    You are so young...
    and I am jealous.

  9. what sweet friends...happy birthday!

  10. as i was reading i was hoping a stop at baskin robbins would happen! yeah.

    i will cry on my next birthday (only a couple weeks away). it's my last b-day in my 30's (gulp).

    happy belated!