Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy 2nd (or 3rd) Birthday Hope Church!

Hope Church of San Mateo turned 2 on Wednesday!
2 years ago, on 10.10.10 we launched in the eclectic LGI Room of Sunnybrae Elementary School.

Prior to that we spent exactly one year meeting as a small group of believers in Jessica's grandmother's living room.

Three years of fellowshipping, worshipping, and serving Jesus.

Five years ago, if you had asked me if I would be a part of a church plant, I would have laughed.

But the Lord does crazy things.
He does crazy things in 3 years. In 6 months. In 1 week.
Every. Single. Day.

That's a lesson He has been teaching me in 2012.
You never know what He has for you tomorrow.

Looking back on 3 years of yesterdays, it is bittersweet to see the growth he has brought upon this little body. And all of the incredible ways He allowed and provided for us to serve His people.

I like to think back to getting to Grandmum's at 4:30 for a 5:00 meeting, and setting up 15-20 chairs, moving the coffee table, putting out cookies.

And how different Sundays look today - 60 chairs, another stack for overflow, 40 cup coffee percolator, resource table, sound equipment, signs, a van with the front seat full of space heaters and air mattresses (weird, I know).

What will Hope Church look like in 2 more years? Only God knows the answer to that.
But I am excited to see what He has planned.

For now, I praise Him for the joy and privilege of being involved in this ministry for exactly 1100 days.
Of seeing the Lord plant and water this little body.
And grow us from a "Church Plant" to a "Church".
A little Church at that, but a Church.
The Body of Christ.

And a walk down Hope San Mateo Memory Lane....

City Team Christmas 2010, Thanksgiving 2011 & Christmas 2011.

Tahoe 2011

Easter 2011

Christmas 2011

Valentine's 2012

Holy Week 2012

And week after week of regular moments, when looking back - are truly the BEST moments.

As we celebrate what the Lord has done, please pray for our church as we continue to see what the Lord might do.

That God would be glorified always.
That we would make much of Him, and Him alone.
That He would increase, that we would decrease.
That we would be unified.
That we would be obedient.
That we would love Him & His people.


  1. Love the walk down memory lane. God has done so much through a small body and I'm so excited to see what's in store!

  2. Beautiful...God is writing a great story for, and with, Hope!

  3. love it! Look far you have come what a blessing!

  4. I knew there was a deeper reason I liked you! My husband and I along with some friends planted a church 8 years ago. Hard, hard work. We've learned so much and our church looks nothing like what we anticipated which points to God's glory because He is doing a great work, not us. I'm looking forward to reading more stories of what God does among you. I will pray for your church!

  5. move historian to the TOP of that rez. so good.

  6. I love this. So much. Big, big loves for your church. I was just thinking yesterday that I'd love to know more of the history of hope, and in my mid-night wakefulness, God has totally blessed my heart in reading these words. Happy Birthday, hope!! Thank you for all you've done, Jesus!!

  7. What a crazy testimony of God's faithfulness and goodness... Wow...
    Thanks Kim for the jaunt of remembrance!
    I'm excited to worship our God and King tomorrow with our Church!!