Wednesday, October 3, 2012

PinterTest Kitchen: The Anniversary & Avocado Hummus!

Happy Anniversary to Jessica and her PinterTest Kitchen!
Here's what I love about the PTK (as I like to call it):
It makes me get up and do something. At least once a month!

Sometimes I make.
Sometimes I bake.
Sometimes I try tips and tricks.

It's really been fun!
Also, clearly I really like cake. 
And its a great way to get some new "go-to" recipes in your collection (Like Julie's breakfast bake - I try to keep the ingredients on hand).

I have twelve previous PinterTests complete - not to mention other pins I have tried, but haven't necessarily posted!

So here we are, one year later and Jessica has an adorable new button, and is hosting a fantastic giveaway!

And, um, as the self appointed PinterTest Kitchen's biggest fan, I want to win. There are some amazing prizes - and all you have to do to enter is LINK UP by next Friday!

That means if you can try something out in the next week and post about it and still win!

So, here is my PTK from this month....

Here's the pin...Avocado Hummus

I got all my ingredients together - except I didn't really pay attention and bought garbanzos (traditionally what hummus is made of) instead of white beans. Also. I am basically married to Joe, of Trader Joes.

And I was able to utilize my best grandma gift of the year - a generic Baby Bullet - thanks Grams!

I was nervous about everything not fitting into one cup, so I split the ingredients (I ended up making two batches, and on the second, was able to fit it all into one).

It was REALLY hard to blend.
The avocado wasn't a problem, but the garbanzo/chickpeas were persistent little buggers.
And the dip is really thick, creamy, but thick.
And so the garbanzos at the top wouldn't settle to the bottom.
I did a lot of opening and stirring and scooping out already blended dip.
It was a process.
And messy.

Also, I added some extra lime juice to one of the batches.
And I liked that better, it added a bit more zip.

If I were to do it again? I'd definitely add in some cilantro, maybe a little onion, and a bit more salt.
It was good - garbanzos and avocados are both so mild - so there is plenty of room for a ton of flavor to be added.

Also, I might just be trying to make this guacamole.
Which is a bit easier to whip up than blended garbanzo beans.

Still, tasty, and healthy, and a little twist on your standard hummus and guacamole recipes!

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  1. I've wanted to try this! I've kind of thought the same thing though...I'll end up just wanting to make guac!

  2. I almost made this last week, so I'm glad you went first. Also, I was thinking guacamole before you said that. I think that may be why I ended up not making it. Two of my favorite dips mashed together? No thank you. I do not believe in mixy-mixy foods.

  3. Yum! But yeah, I would definitely just make guacamole (aka. the best dip in the world)

  4. You are PK MVP. I like being your Pintertaster. This wasn't that bad. But yes, could have used more spice. Or a cheesecake. I liked Pam's Sunday a little bit better. Also, is it called a Baby Rocket? Or I just a Rocket. I need to know.

  5. i need the baby bullet....and i've been mourning the loss of Trader Joe's ever since we moved. i don't think i'll ever get over it.

  6. I'll be honest. The pictures of the chickpeas getting all physical with the avocados, makes me want to throw up a little bit. But then I know in my head that they would be good. How about some tzatziki-shizz? Whatever that crap is that you used to keep in your fridge just in case you wanted to get all crafty and shizz on your hummi. Yes, that's plural for hummus.

  7. i'm not very happy with you.
    i'm salivating and work and covetting your dip,
    wishing i had some to dip my tj's pretzel thins in.

    did i mention i take deliveries?

  8. Hi.
    I'm making this.
    Except I'm going to add the cilantro like you said {brilliant}
    and some Cholula.
    Because life looks better with Cholula. Always.

  9. Oooo interesting! I've been wanting to make this! I agree...everything is better with cilantro. I'll keep that in mind.

    Also, Trader Joe's is my second husband. I feel you.

  10. As a tester of your PinterTest, I give you an A+! Great Pin and what a tasty treat!! XO

  11. A for effort, right? I bet you're right as far as spicing it up a bit. But it was fun to watch you make it! Now, let's talk TJ's pretzels... they look perfect for dipping!