Monday, October 1, 2012

Hello Weekend: Animals For Dayzzzz Edition

Hello Friday night with my favorite girl.
She packed her favorite toy.

Hello Morning. 
What crazy bedhead you have.

Hello National Coffee Day. 
Time to bust out the french press big guns.

Hello Schnoodle Butt.
You're right, I can't see you back there.

Hello Saturday Morning adventure with Schnoodle.
Walking to the bay.

Hello, no we will not stop for donuts. 
Mostly because we didn't bring any money.

Hello just arrived at the bay trail and she already lumped out.

Hello, we finally got going.

Hello little snake. 

Hello fisherman catching a Leopard Shark.
I wish you would have kept it for a minute so I could have gotten closer.

Hello 5.71 miles complete.
Somebody is dog-tired, doesn't even want apple slices.

Hello Boaz & Einstein.
Goldendoodle brothers and cutest bundles of energy ever.

Hello Mike's Pulled Pork and Dutch Crunch Pizza Crust dreams coming true.
Recipe to come soon, at least for the Dutch Crunch.

Hello Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies, courtesy of Amber.
With a muffin like texture.

Hello cute Corgi mix trying to get into Starbucks.
I don't mind if you want to follow me home.

Hello cutest K-1 Girls.
Hope Kids are my fav.

Goodbye Weekend & Hello Monday.

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  1. OMG that first pic with Mylie in the car is presh. She's a sweet girl who carefully hold her babies. Hewitt's babies have no faces or eyes because he surgically removes them with his teeth. He doesn't want them "eyeing" him.

  2. I am obsessed with pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. It appears you had a way better weekend than I did.

  3. I had a puppy filled weekend myself! :) Mylie is too cute.
    (side note-totally trying to build up the courage to leave comments on my blog crush sites...)
    (im oddly internet shy...)

  4. You know the animal lover in me very much so appreciates this post. But I think my favorite animals of this entry are the four in the bottom picture. The future of the Esther Church.

  5. hello kim!

    mylie is photographed more than my kids. lucky dog.

    no money for donuts... that would have been a good thing for me.

  6. the moral of the story is, alway$ carry donut dough. for real$.
    also, apple slices may have rubbed salt in the donut disappointment. #aintlion

  7. this is one of those "my life is awesome posts."

    and i may be totally jealous that i was at work during all of this awesome.

    please stop having such an amazing time without me.