Monday, September 24, 2012

Uncomfortable. Like, Really.

There are a few things out there right now that are making me feel quite uncomfortable.
I don't usually share my strong opinions on here too often... But, today I'm making an exception.
I feel like I need to share them with you, so I can feel better.
Catharsis, you know?
Tell me you're with me.

Let's start with this.

Gangnam Style is #1 on iTunes.

Who is paying $1.29 for that?
It's not that awesome.

In fact, its weird, and awkward, and it makes me uncomfortable.
I don't hate the song.
Or the dance.
I love a good dance move.
But, why are millions of people feeling the need to OWN the song?

I held a cat.
To be more accurate, a kitten.
I mean, kittens CAN be kinda cute.
But we all know they turn into cats.
I decided to give this one a chance - his name was Salt-n-Pepa.
His cuter brother was Mr. McMeowy.

The good thing is, once I was holding him I was kinda over it.
Like real fast.
Less than 30 seconds.
Also I was scared he was going to scratch me.
I couldn't get him to unhook his claws from my sweatshirt.
I'm not a fan.

I'm uncomfortable that I held him long enough to get this picture.

I'm uncomfortable how much I like this stupid video.
I really, really, really didn't want to.
But the repeat of Julia Child rapping "ready to roll. ready to roll"
I couldn't help but stifle a laugh.
And that turned into a full on giggle, turned chuckle.
So good.
This is autotune done right, folks.


I'm uncomfortable that my sister got to see the famous Josh Hutcherson (Peeta from Hunger Games) in SF the other day, while I was behind a desk at work.
And by uncomfortable, I mean jealous.
But I did help her tag team the super sleuthing.
Pic on the left was what he tweeted 2 hours before she saw him.
I sent it to her to confirm his outfit was the same.
Pic on the right was the one she got while hiding out across the street lurking him.

Lastly, I used to be uncomfortable admitting I was a Katykat. AKA a Katy Perry Fan.
I am going to admit I might, just MIGHT, be a Nicki Minaj fan.
Does her fan club have a fun name? If it does, that might seal the deal.

Tell me.
Am I alone in all of these uncomfortable ways?


  1. You are 100% alone with the nicki Minaj deal. Who even are you.

  2. I am not a cat-person for the very reason you describe. Kittens tend to be cute (mostly), but they ALWAYS turn into cats. I don't do cats. EVER. If they stayed kittens, they *might* have a shot. But never a cat.

    LOVE the TSG stalking! So jealous with you that we had to live vicariously through your sister!

  3. With you on the autotune! Have you seen the Mr.Rogers one yet? It is a little uncomfortable for me to admit that he was definitely one of my first crushes....

  4. Happy 100th JULIA!!!! That remix was rad.....xoxo

  5. this post makes me like you even more.

  6. Niki Minaj? I think you're the last person on earth I thought would like her!

    Also, my friend Ash got her cat de-clawed, which I've heard is kinda mean for the cat, but it makes the cat so much more approachable!! Salt-n-Peppa is pretty darn cute though!

  7. Hey there! I'm new.

    I'm glad you're comfortable being uncomfortable. I am too.

  8. i'm still laughing about ashlynn's comment on your cat picture, "that is so foolish."
    nicki minaj? she makes me uncomfortable.

  9. hello. i'm davi. i think we know so common peeps--olive oyl and katy girl. and you are kind of knows for your mug swaps, so i thought i should pop by.

    i want to put peeta in my pocket and carry him around he's so little n cute. so katy texted me that above pic, lol. such a small world. can't believe your sis got to see him. and why didn't he have a bodyguard? someone could crush him;)

  10. Ughhh so with you on Gangnam Style. Because I live under a rock, I heard that song for the first time yesterday. I semi adore the dance, but the song just drove me nuts. I DON'T GET IT. I think it's the whole awkward asian thing. Asian sensation.

  11. never let me see you holding a cat.





  12. NOT ALONE.

    gangnam style. what the heck is that? the kids told me this morning at drop off that i needed to go straight home and listen. uncomfortable.

    cats. make me itch and sneeze. uncomfortable.

    julia child...umm nice would have cried if she were your sister, and probably of awkwardly walked over and professed her love for him. i made the mistake of buying us matching team peeta shirts and the i love peeta's haven't stopped yet. i remind myself constantly that i was all about nkotb whem i was around her age. and that, makes me uncomfortable.

    i listen to nicki minaj when i work out but PLEASE don't tell anyone that would be uncomfortable.


  13. and with you on most of these ... especially the song and the dance.