Friday, September 21, 2012

Hot August (Days &) Nights

Let's recap.

Katygirl & Cammiegirl came to visit.
There were plenty of summery adventures to be had.
And then my sis and I lived the high life in the desert.
My blog turned 2, and to celebrate I hosted a mug swap that went BSC.
I celebrated my birthday for hella dayzzzz.
And then I went to Europe for 2 weeks.

Summers are usually great, but more specifically, August was pretty amaze.

Here's a quick look back....

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  1. the moral of this story is, you are hella photogenic.

  2. What a month! How is getting back to "normal", everyday life going after all of that?

  3. You are seriously the cutest! Love all of your fun adventures!! :)

  4. So um, your life is pretty fantastic. I want to be you for a day.

  5. Wow. Any chance you are looking for a BFF? Looks like you had a great month!

  6. Hannah. People that don't live in the bay area don't say hella.

    These pics are amaze. I'm sad I won't be in septembers.

    1. people that don't live in the bay usually say whatever they please.
      i'm hella certain of it.

  7. happy birthday and how fun EUROPE!!! lucky!!!

  8. ummm....loving your hair curly...supes cute!

  9. i loved this because i have in fact been underground for the last 6 months and so recaps are helpful. ps.. enough with europe and cruises already--- when are you going to visit nebraska??? :)