Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pintertest Kitchen: Travel Sized Edition

Here is my one problem with traveling.
TSA does not like them.
So, into the suitcase they go.
Praying they dont explode.
Like that one time an entire can of spray sunscreen was dispensed on my sleeping bag on a flight to Mississippi for a Katrina service trip.
Sunscreen leaves stains in case you were wondering.
Smells nice, but it leaves a big splotch.

I have only recently discovered how to tame my curly mane.
Straight hair and I have been doing our thing for years. 
Some years better than others. But I have it down.
Mostly because I couldn't get the curly hair to work for me.
It needs product.
Specifically, Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Leave In Conditioner.
It's a first world MIRACLE!
For my cruise, I planned to mostly straighten my hair.
But I can do my hair curly in less than 30 seconds. So I like having my Leave In Conditioner with me as an option.
But that squirty bottle has caused me problems in the past. 
Having a slimey toothbrush is not awesome.

Cue Pinterest.

Saran wrapped.
I kept the little piece of saran wrap with me the whole time, and we made it to Europe & home again.
In one slightly deflated, yet unexploded piece.

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  1. You are hysterical! And I love me some straight hair. On me, anyway. Though my hair's primarily curly and crazy, I can't figure out how to master the curls. So I straighten, which is a ton of work. Yay for this product! (It didn't do much for me, but I'm glad you like it!) :-)

  2. My Mom taught me this trick years ago! I LOVE it and have never had an explosion. Summer camp, vacations, flying every summer to visit my Dad and the rest of my family....I'd say it definitely works!

  3. I'm totally doing this for my drive down to Disneyland.

  4. So you saran wrap the cap underneath? How exactly does this work?! When I went on my cruise to Alaska I had a whole bottle of moroccan hair oil explode in my stuff, same toothbrush incident! And I don't know if it's just me but I get kind of attached to my toothbrushes.

  5. so simple. so necessary. glad you and your fructise made it back to cali in one piece.

  6. super genius. SUPER. Viva Las Vegas FOR SURE.

  7. I wear my hair curly ALL THE TIME (I can't master the straight), and I've been using that leave-in (doesn't it smell divine?!)...I'll have to remember that trick for the next trip I take!