Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ya'll Ready for This?

{cue jock jams}

i've been back.
it's been a week.
looking through my iphone, i have covered a LOT in just one week of being back.
(okay one week and three days, whatevs.)

let's get to it.
speaking of jock jams.
bay area sports are on FIRE.
Giants are in a run for the playoffs.
Nine Eight is our magic number.
No thanks to this game that Betsy, Margaret, Angela & I attended.
It was a beautiful day. And an exciting game, but we lost.

 What I think IS helping the Giants, are the lucky M&M's we may or may not have planted accidentally dropped in centerfield when we were down there for Fellowship Day.
We thought the outfielders may need a little snack.
(they are so never letting us back on the field).

We also all wore Toms.
I'm pretty particular about "Toms Weather".
Giants Day Games: Perfect Toms Weather (not too hot, not too cold, no rain).

Football is serious business.
With only one game a week, each one is muy importante.
I'm excited. Can you tell?

I've been bonding with my pup.
Also, forehead wrinkes.

Including giving her a MUCH needed bath...

See? So much better now.
And when she wants nothing to do with me, little Chloe seems to be a little bit more interested in hanging out.
Just a little though.
She doesn't like to get too close.


And probably too much of this...

And lastly...
But most importantly....


Exciting news - the guys are there!
Like, right now.

Words like satellite phone, backpacking, crossing the border, fish & loaves, dry ground, cargo planes, and refugees etc are what I'm hearing.
We sent them off last Tuesday.

I don't know a lot, but what I do know is we need to pray.
Not because God can't or wont work without our prayers - because he can and will, but because it is how we can support the team and serve our God.
It keeps us mindful of our fellow believers. The people in the camps. The team that is out there.
Every morning at 7am I'm on "duty".
Thanks to Jess for organizing a 24 hour prayer schedule.
It's not too late to join if you are interested!

No snoozing allowed for this alarm!


  1. Love all the Mylie photos! I'll have to show them to Hewitt tonight. He likes catching up on the adventures of his cross-country twin Mylie. ;)

  2. That upside-down pic of Mylie is my very favorite. So glad you're back in the bloggie world. You've been missed! Praying for Hope4Sudan peeps...

  3. That's one HOT family portrait in the back of that 49ers photo!

  4. i haven't been to a baseball game in forever. maybe nest year.
    the 24 hour prayer coverage was/is a brilliant idea. Jess rocks! every morning...8:15 ;)

  5. so awesome. You may have just talked me into buying Toms.

  6. love reading about your fun life! :) thanks for sharing!