Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Most Expensive Cheesecake Ever.

I have had Pam's Cheesecake a few times now.
Once in Kansas. Which is where this cheesecake hails from.

Once again when Jessica PinterTested. It was CRAZY good too.
The fudge striped cookies, sugar, and butter created a caramelized crust.

So the other night, when I got this text from Marge - I had almost NO reservations about wanting to make it!
Word is the underground name for this cheesecake is the "Twenty Dollar Cheesecake" - due to the sheer amount of cream cheese blocks it requires.

But it's so, so, so worth every penny.
So Marge arrived. Cream Cheese, Sour Cream, Cookies, and Whipped Cream in hand.
And we got to baking.

Marge made the crust while I whipped the cream cheese into oblivion.

I wasn't planning a blog post about this cheesecake, so I didn't take any pictures of the process.
But right after the cheesecake in the oven, MOD (master of disaster) was about to strike, at epic level proportions. 

First off. This happened.
Unrelated to cheesecake.

And it remains like that several days later.
I don't have the energy, or height to deal with it.

Secondly, I should have reviewed Jessica's Pintertest post:

Welp. Lesson learned. Because the cheesecake decided to party in my oven.

It still turned out beautifully.
100% devoured at church on Sunday AM.

And let's get to the MOST EXPENSIVE CHEESECAKE EVER part....

Monday night, I threw a sheet of Sweet Potato Fries in my oven.
10 minutes later I went to flip them...
I open my oven, and smoke comes BLASTING OUT.
And the whole bottom of the oven erupts into FLAMES.


Like, as in FIRE.

I shut the door.
And run opening doors, windows, and grabbing my cell phone....debating between 9-1-1 and my dad.
(Dad won).

And eventually the flames went out. And smoke steamed out the top for a while...

And then when I went to inspect the situation...this happened.

The handle came off.
And some side metal bar part.

So, I'm thinking, I might need a new oven?
Or at least some ridiculous repair.
This is one expensive cheesecake.

So for now, me and my microwave are BFF's.
Hopefully she doesn't burst into flames anytime soon.


  1. Our oven is the same as yours and the handle does the same thing. If you look on the inside of the door there should be a hole for a screw to reattach. In our case the screw just gets loose every once and awhile and the handle pops off. Check that first before you do any replacing. Cheesecake looks wonderful too by the way!

  2. Well, who would have guessed something so simple could take you on such an adventure!

  3. Oh dear, half way through this post I was going to attempt this cheesecake today! Seth's parents are coming over for dinner and they all love cheesecake! But, since I am pretty clumsy in the kitchen I might wait till next time ;)

  4. oh my word. sorrybutnotsorry i'm laughing. talk about a series of unfortunate events. despite all this, as long as the cheesecake was amazing, it was all worth it. ;)

  5. Since crazy things happen in 3's you're all good now, right?
    Curtain, cheesecake party, and oven fire. Done.

    Oh, and dads with BA mustaches trump 911 nearly always.
    {unless there's imminent threat of an ax murderer.}

    Stay safe over there. Call for take-out tonight.

  6. You can make the worst things seem so darn funny! I love how light-hearted you are. Thanks for the laugh (and hope you get your blinds and oven back to "health" again). :)

  7. I know it is wrong to snicker at other people's woes, but I have to whole-heartedly agree with Jan! Glad nothing went majorly wrong with the fire in your oven. It happened to me once, and I did exactly the same, slam the door shut. And while I was frantically looking for the fire extinguisher (where's the fun in keeping it in an easily accessible place...), the flames died down due to the lack of oxygen.

  8. things are falling apart!! at least you have cheesecake. which looks SO good i want to make it for breakfast.

  9. so, bless your heart. i'm not laughing at you.
    btw the moral of this story is, i think about pb m&ms now when you mention cheesecake.

  10. We are kindred spirits when it comes to this kitchen catastrophe business! I once in shooting flames...corndogs!!!!! Seriously. lol
    I was going to tell you the exact thing that Jenny J said however......if you can get a new oven out of it: Go for it girl!!!!!!

  11. I'm so glad I came back and read this today! Your cheese cake was delicious but this story is even better!

  12. cheesecake is my favorite. i refuse to make it. michael makes it. broken ovens are not my favorite. i'm sorry about your swt.pot.fries. tragic.