Monday, July 15, 2013

Showers of Joy

I'm kiiiiiinda excited for the end of summer. And I'll tell you why. One of my most favorite mamas is expecting her third little girl. It's no secret that girl 1 and girl 2 have a special place in my heart. And I'm preeeetty sure girl 3 is gonna join the ranks.

It was due time for Mama-of-three-to-be, Jessica to be showered with love and honored by some of her lovely friends, so Katy and Julie and I got together to spend an evening doing just that. 

An evening shower, full of pinwheels and whimsy...

Sweet treats...

And light bites.

Hosting a shower with Julie and Katy was a dream. These girls have talent and creativity coming out their glue gun burned fingertips. 

All the gorgeous touches, small and big were Julie and Katy's masterpieces - invitations, buntings, and pinwheels galore. They had a vision and brought it to life.

I brought Brie, artichoke dip, and Grand Marnier cupcakes.  Oh, and Lemon Bar Puppy Chow.

Jessica, I hope you felt honored and cherished, and sweet Holland Joy comes into the world knowing how loved she is by all of these ladies in your life. 

It's no secret that you care and provide for your friends, family and those around you (nonstop!), I hope  that you felt even just a bit of that same care here. We love you and, I can't wait to squeeze Miss H.

And if she chooses to arrive on my birthday, that wouldn't be too shabby either. (Please speak with her about that).

Love you, friend.


  1. The best shower ever. Thank you for all that you did. I loved every detail and every second. Thank you for loving all our girls so much. And I'm working really hard on that arrival date. I feel like that will work out well for everyone. Love you, friend.

  2. I missed this post somehow. But it was one of my favorite showers. And I love you and Jessica and Julie to the max. And holland.

  3. oh, so very sweet.

    root'n for Holland to arrive on your day!