Monday, July 8, 2013

10 on 10: July 2013 Aloha Edition

Leaving this palm tree behind. There are far, far greater palm trees ahead.
If I knew then how bad the coffee would be on the plane, I would have gotten a refill.
Also, mani. Once you shellac, you never go back.
SF was a LITTLE fogged in. 
Sutro Tower popped up to bid me adieu.

Time to kill. 
Passion iced tea in paradise. 
And souvenir shopping already.
Then these two arrived. 
My dad texted saying, "look for the two people dressed like ground crew".
He could not be more right.
I surprised them with leis! 
My dad takes his bike to Hawaii every time. This is it's suitcase. 
The amount and variety of stickers should qualify him as Kama'aina. 
Google it.
This is how we rented a car. 
At a kiosk.
Video chatting with Demitria in OKC.
Ground crew was sad this was not our rental.
I kinda was too.
Warning: Food pic!
We headed to Da Kitchen in Kahului, a local hot spot for plate lunch special, Kalua Pork.
So good. And so much food.
And finally, I'm "home". 
At least for the week. 
More to come. Or follow along on Instagram @cuppakim

PS That was 11, whoops.
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  1. So jealous! We were there in September and I already want to go back. Love the first pic and the landing one. So beautiful. Have a wonderful trip!

  2. this looks amazing. can't wait to see all your adventures! please bring me home a sno cone.

  3. KIM. beyond thrilled for you. looks like super fun already.
    miss you! xo

  4. i googled and i do not regret.

    your parents are amazing.
    both wearing orange shirts??
    i can see the first class flight attends faces now...

    bacon is good fo me.

  5. SO jeals. Your parents are so cute! I can't wait to follow along. I'm dying to go to Hawaii.

  6. there isn't much i wouldn't give to be in maui right this second.

  7. I love your parents. I also love your adventures. Keep the pics coming!

  8. I've stayed there before! Love this. And just a teensy bit jealous. ;)
    Have SO MUCH FUN gurrl.

  9. Aloha! Looks like such a fun vacation in paradise...

  10. aloha! If I've said it once I've said it a million times... YOUR PARENTS ARE THE COOLEST. PLEASE ADOPT ME.

    we ate at Da Kitchen when we were in Maui. Have fun!