Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Sunday Snapshot

Just a few pics to remember one of those days that became "one of those days"...

Playing a  "Hawaii songs" duet

Big toes with band aids, little toes with band aids, and one amazing game of fetch. 

Car troubles faced head on by friends with headlamps and rolled up sleeves.

And more friends who make sure all is well before getting out from under your car.

And a mechanic dad with a crazy flashlight getting on the ground at 8pm, approving of your friends safety pin jimmy rigging, "after all it does have the word SAFETY in it" 

What a day.
Monday, here we come!


  1. These are some good snapshots. TME about the car.

  2. Um a picture is missing. ;) #WHPH Also, I love the matching toe bandaids. Almost more than the matching ukes. I love all of this.

  3. you have good friends.
    my man recently jimmy rigged a car with a zip-tie.

  4. Katy - I had to use the internet slang dictionary to look up TME - :) Helping me learn new things every day. :)