Friday, July 5, 2013

Pintertest Kitchen: Tasty Kitchen Edition

Please say that 5 times fast.

Just about a year ago, Mel invited me and a few other blog friends over for a Pioneer Woman Cookbook Potluck.  It was a super fun gathering of friends trying out some fantastic recipes.
I woke up early that day and made Ree's Texas Sheet Cake. It was delicious. It was not only my contribution to the potluck, but also my Pintertest for August.

A few days before Mel emailed us about this year's potluck, officially the Second Annual, I had pinned a White Texas Sheet Cake recipe, which happens to come from The Pioneer Woman's recipe database website, The Tasty Kitchen.

So, technically I cheated.  This isn't an official Pioneer Woman recipe, however I found it through Ree. So, just roll with it.

Like any good Pioneer Woman recipe, there are a ton of ingredients. Most everything you will have in your cabinets and fridge. I had to go out for sour cream. And I already had almond extract.

There is also a ton of butter. Oh the butter.
So much butter at Mel's potluck.
I think the Pioneer Woman would be proud.

Despite the amount of ingredients, it's a very straightforward easy cake recipe.

The frosting is to die for.

I brought a second cake to work a week later, and my coworkers said it tasted like the chocolate frosting on an old fashioned donut. YUM.

My other favorite thing about this recipe is that the frosting is made while the cake bakes. And you get to frost it immediately. This is a HUGE convenience for me, I like getting the cake made and the dishes done. ASAP.

I hope the rest of the girls didn't mind my cheater recipe too much! (Original Recipe Here) I thought it was delicious, and so were all of theirs. Mel's recap has pictures and links to all of the other recipes used, head over and check them out.

(Photo courtesy of Mel)

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  1. Oh yum. You had me at chocolate donut! Now I want cake.

  2. That is a perfect description for that frosting! Mmm... Also, you're a woman after my own heart with the whole bake-frost-clean up deal. We are efficient. :)

  3. I think about this cake often. An irrational amount. It was SOOO good. I really need to order Garcinia Cambogia and talk to Dr. Oz about weight loss.