Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Simple 4th.

Some years the 4th of July is an all out patriotic festival of fun. 
Some years it is a day of fun, friends, and the good old red, white, and blue.

This year, it was simple fabulousness. 

I woke up early and caught some gorgeous light while taking Mylie out. 

There's something about being up while the rest of the world sleeps in.

Keeping the morning slow with a taste of summer and a hot cup of coffee.

The rest of the morning was spent cleaning my house, for houseguests arriving the next day. 

Mylie supervised.

And once my house was cleaner than it has been in years (thank you for the motivation, visitors), Mylie and I donned our Americana and headed out. 

My Grandma has hosted an annual 4th of July rager for as long as I can remember. Most years I try to make an appearance with at least a friend or two in tow. 

This year was no exception. After we picked up a cone (for America, of course) we headed up to Grandma's.

When it comes to America, Grandma does not mess around. Her house is decked out. And so is she. Also, the apple does not fall far from the tree. 

Well, except for when it comes to technology I guess. Here are Gram's attempts at taking a pic of us girls...
Grandmas, you gotta love them.
Thankfully she managed one clear one.


We grabbed some festive and pool safe drinkware and headed outside for some poolside activities.

Which mostly involved a few jumps off the diving board and floating with drink in hand.

The day ended early with a few front yard s'mores(with patriotic star mallows), which were really just lightly roasted marshmallows as I forgot the sterno and we had to sub in a very ineffective votive.

I was home by dark and in bed before fireworks and even caught the sight of a few illegal ones out my window. 

A good way to enjoy a mellow holiday celebrating the freedoms we enjoy here in the good old US of A.


  1. you are adorable. happy july, friend.

  2. love it. all of it.

    and sterno forgetting - rookie move, but it looks like your s'more-sumers didn't mind :).

  3. thank you for all of your hard work and cleaning for your visitors. i witnessed first hand how clean those stairs were.

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  5. While I DO know what it's like to be up while the rest of the world (except my kids) are asleep... I WOULD like to know again what it's like to be asleep while the rest of the world is up...