Sunday, July 8, 2012

God Bless the US: Every Heart Beats True to the Red, White, & Blue

It's here. 
God Bless the US!!!!
Time to recap your fourth over here in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.

My sister and brother in law had vacation time last week.
They rented a two bedroom cabin half a block up from Lake Tahoe.
So I did what any normal sister would do.
Crashed their vacay partay. 

I posted the above photo to Instagram informing my sister I was on my way, and instructing her to have dinner waiting,  and then drove solo 4 1/2 hours up into the Sierras.
But me, Ravigail & the SF Giants (losing, BOO) on the radio,
followed by an awesome playlist made it there.
No problemo.

I arrived to these two nerds.
But Gourmet Nerds. 
My favorite kind.
Steaks on the grill.
Guac and Chips on the patio.
Off to a good start.

And then there was a bit of a grease fire.
While I continued instagramming the above picture, my sister panicked and ran for water.
Distractedly Calmly I informed her water was not for grease fires.
I also instructed them to pull the grill away from the wall.
But not under the umbrella.
And we closed the lid on the barbecue for a bit.
Saving lives.
It's just what I do.

The house had a hot tub in the back yard, and backed up to a golf course.
There was a lot of ducking each time I heard "FOURRRRR"

After a fair amount of hot tubbing, there were some fireworks down at the lake.
We caught a few through the trees.

And caught what quite possibly might knock Love Actually, The Holiday, and Home Alone out of the running for my favorite holiday movie.
Independence Day. 
Will Smith.
Dreadlocked Aliens.
I mean. 
Best. Movie. Ever.

And pizookie.
As my sister said... "It's for Amurrrica"

We rested up, because in the morning, it was time to Party in the USA.

I woke up early, and enjoyed some patriotic coffee by the dawn's early light.

And then, back inside to do Betsy Ross proud.
Flag Fruit Skewers.
Sub bananas for marshmallows. 
WINNING AMERICA with that one.

Patriotic fruit skewers pair well with pancakes and nutella.
And sliced bananas. 
I mean, Jack Johnson WAS onto something with his song.
Just keep them off my skewers and fruit salads.

And then it was off to do ACTIVITIES.
As my sister requested.
Sea Lake Kayaking.

Sadly, it hurts my soul when iPhones go along for water activities, so mine had to stay at home.
You'll just have to take my word on it.
2 hours of beasting through Tahoe.
MyFitnessPal was happy.

MyFitnessPal was not super happy about the double hot dog.
But hot damn, hot dogs taste SO good on the 4th of July.

The afternoon was a return to the lake.
For some sun.
And a lot of Floatopia.

Other beachgoers were definitely feeling the Spirit of America.
And decorated their spaces accordingly.

We wrapped up our 4th festivities back at home.
Among the trees.
And in the hot tub.

I am proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free to use a flag towel.

More hot dogs.
Lot's of hot dogs.
Hot dogs, hot dogs, hot dogs.
I forget how much I love 4th of July.
I will never forget.

We spent our next morning taking in the views
from Sea to Shining Sea.
Or something like that.

A little lakeside coffee.
Sun umbrella.
Light reading.
And patriotic parasailers.
It would not be a lie to say I REALLLLLLY wanted to go up in that thing.

A quick two and a half days of America the Beautiful.
Purple mountains, majesty.
It was a good time.
So happy 236th, America. 
You don't look a day over 235.

I need to know how you Let Freedom Ring.
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God Bless America
My home, sweet home.
God Bless America
My home, sweet home.

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  1. america the beauty full!! how awesome your 4th was!

    the fruit skewers. i need.
    also, tahoe, mos def need.
    double hot dog, no need. not even a single.

    you are cute. the end.

  2. Kevin grew up going to Tahoe for the 4th & wishes we could go, and, although i loooooove tahoe, I just can't break tradition & miss the local parade and sausage fest. Looked like your 4th was fab. Love the fruit flag kabobs you made, might have to make those next year!

  3. You are awesome. Loved this post. Laura sounds like the coolest ever. Thanks for the linky partay to make a Monday that much better. :-)

  4. #1. jealous. #2. kind of sad you missed our corner Safeway FC party. #3. forgiven if you make me a pizookie. and take me next year.

  5. I want a pazookie....and some Nutella

  6. yes please to all of it...looks amazing.

  7. Look at you...crashing parties and saving lives! Sounds like a great 4th!!! Thanks for hosting :)

  8. Love this!

    1)Your pizookie looks dangerously similar to my beloved cookie cake. Perhaps, I need to do a cookie cake for "amurrica".

    2)I love Independence Day too. The dreadlocked aliens are so fantastic! And this is classic Will Smith. :)

  9. you're a firework! you crack me up.

    marshmallows are a smart sub to the banana!

    i'm linking up. thanks for hosting.

  10. Looks like a amazing 4th of July trip! You always have so much fun!! Love all your pictures, and that flag towel is so awesome! :)

  11. independence day (the movie) a favorite
    independence day (the holiday) always awesome

    tahoe is my favorite i haven't been in so long blah!
    my husband experiences high altitude sickness *lame* wth

  12. Love Tahoe!!! It is so beautiful! Looks like a great 4th!

  13. looks like fun!! i love the breakfast spread. so festive and looks delicious!

  14. OH MY GOSH. I cannot stop laughing. This post was your funniest one yet. Favorite:: the flag balloon on the shore. Thank you for proudly standing up next to me and defending American still today.

  15. You have me craving hotdogs..MAJOR. Love that you're bringing back "-topia", every word is more fun to say when you add topia to the end to it! And topilis. Can't forget that :)

  16. you crack me up with all of your lingo. so funny.
    i am envious of all of your fun. looks perfect!

    and now i want a hot dog.
    and pancakes.

  17. Finally joining the party.

    We're totally adding half-inflated flag balloons and pizookies to our party next year. Thanks for the inspiration on all thing Americana.