Tuesday, July 17, 2012

These Colors Don't Run...or they Do.

So, I don't have a bucket list.
But if I did.
The Color Run would definitely have been on it.
And on Saturday, I would have put a giant check mark through that box.

At the break of dawn, I picked up my sister Laura, and we headed up to SF.

Well, if you can call it that.
Candlestick doesn't really feel like San Francisco proper to me. 
For some reason I imagined doing this run along the Embarcadero.
However, it actually worked out nicely.

It was a gloomy, chilly morning. 
Plenty of parking.
Easy freeway access.
Low stress. 

After waiting in the car for about 45 minutes, 
Laura and I decided to brave the elements and find the starting line.
We just kept walking, and walking, and next thing we knew,
we were AT the starting line. 
Like the VERY, VERY front.
Eventually, more runners showed up, and formed a sea of white directly behind us.

The Color Run bills it self as the Happiest 5k on the Planet.
I am here to testify that it 100%, most certainly is.
After two different rounds of One Direction's You're Beautiful,
we had a 10 second countdown, and we were off.
Running for Color.

Each "k" of the 5k was a color station. 
Similar to the India Holi Festivals, there were Color Run volunteers there to make sure we got a lot of happy, powdery, colory goodness all over.
Pink was first. 
It was actually a bit more Orange than Pink. 
And I was too excited about color to take any pictures.
Also, I didn't get much color on me. 
There was a bit of a learning curve here. 

Yellow followed. 
Please scope this war zone. 

I think we're starting to get the hang of it.

The Race Course didn't go all the way around the park in a full circle, 
but it circled around most of it, looping back the way you came, back to the finish. 
From the top of the hill you can see the Blue and Pink Clouds of the Color Zones. 

We were blue-bound. 
At this point, people are crazy happy. 
And really going for it in the color zone.
Mostly I held my breath, tried to get streaked with a bit of color and got out of there.

Also, I always lost my sister in the zone.
Everyone looks almost identical.
All of the girls have their hair up.
White T-shirts.
It's actually kind of funny.

The Orange Zone was great.
It was in the entrance to the parking lot.
Where a bunch of cars had parked, far away from the start line.
But unknowingly close to the course.
And color zone.

People REALLY wanted to get colorful.

I love how Laura got marked.
I think this looks way cooler than the stop, drop, & roll technique. 

And next thing we knew, we were at the finish!

So happy.
So colorful.

Even the ground was pretty!

I think the post-race color party was my favorite part.
Fun music and fun people with super happy attitudes, full of color and endorphins.

Also, lots of freebies.

 Like, LOTS of freebies. 

Seriously, Happiest 5k on the Planet.
Perfectly advertised.

Who's coming with us next year?!?!


  1. Eek! Awesome recap! Laura's brilliant to have put her phone in a ziploc- I'll have to remember that in November when we do the Color Run in Charlotte. I can't wait!

    1. totally. we used snack size. it worked GREAT. there is a bit of a haze, and you kinda have to wipe the powder off throughout the the run, and hold it tight, but it worked great - as you can hopefully tell by my pics! :)

  2. that is pure awesome!! thanks for sharing 'cause, with me over here dipping my toes in the atlantic, i had no ideas such a thing even existed! perhaps i could run it and not die if i had an awesome color to look forward to?

  3. you are so big time. and colorful!!
    between the color and freebies...it seems worth it.

  4. SO in. This madness looks amazing!

  5. omgosh are you famous yet for this post?
    this looks so cool.
    i feel like for proper identification, you should have posted each freebie.

  6. This looks like so much fun. You have the best life ever.

    1. thanks em. i needed to hear that today.

  7. Not a big runner, but I would be down for this!! :) Looks like you ladies had a blast, and so beautiful with all those colors.

  8. I've seen pics opf something like this before, it looks like an incredible amount of fun! And the ziploc idea is awesome. I use a ziploc to prorect my phone against rain, but I never ever thought of taking photos THROUGH the bag. Genius!

  9. i'm SO FREAKING IN next year!!!!

    i think i was born to do this race.

  10. wow! what an event. i might run (wog) for color.