Monday, July 30, 2012

London 2012 Opening Ceremonies: Union Jack Attack

So, fun fact. 
I love the Olympics.
Like, LOVE.

I never dreamed of being the President.
Or solving world peace.
But, despite my athletic-reject-ness, I always had Gold Medal Dreams.

I used to ice skate.
In the era of Nancy and Tonya. 
I may have dressed up as Tonya Harding for a classroom simulation once.

I was on the high school gymnastics team.
In the era of Keri and the Dominiques. 
My event was beam. 
We'll discuss those failures adventures at another time. 

But instead of going for the Gold in other countries,
I channeled my dreams into Gold Medal Level Olympic Parties.

In 2008, there was Beijing. 
My inaugural party. 
Everyone was assigned the country of their heritage or affection.
Dress accordingly, and bring a food from your nation.
I made Olympic Ring Shaped Cookies.

In 2010, there was Vancouver.
We stepped up the challenge.
Come dressed as a favorite Olympic Athlete. 
People brought their A-Game.

People also brought a true to life replica boblsed and authentic boblsed team attire.

It's been 2 more years.
And my wheels have been turning. 
How could I ever top a boblsed?
Well, first off, I changed venues, and moved the party to my parents' house.
Theme: All things British.
And had my dad build me a literal set of wheels.

 And hunted high and low for all things London.
This party was going to be a full fledged Union Jack Attack.
Complete with life sized phone booth.
Also, my dad can make ANYTHING out of a bike box.
He's pretty KA like that.

He also thinks he is really funny.
Please note "Bruce's FAMOUS Fish & Chips"
And his rebel attire.

And my friends, they knew they had to bring it to a whole new level.
Please meet my first guests to arrive, Earl Grey & English Breakfast.
How cute are they!?!?
Pinkies Up!!

Followed by The Spice Girls Tour Bus, who arrived in MAJOR STYLE.

Posh also brought along Becks.
There was Lance Beckham (David Beckham's American
Margaret Thatcher.
Kiera Knightly & Harry Potter.
And, bottom right. 

This party had more than enough wigs, eyeliner, and fake tattoos to go around.

We were also treated to live entertainment.
A fully choreographed Spice Girls Reunion Show.

Can we talk about how amazing my friends and their costumes are?
And also, how many Beckham's came to my party.
Real David Beckham, you are ALWAYS invited to my party.

And between photoshoots, I promise we did watch the ceremonies.
Well. Some of it.
Parade of Nations is the best part.
You have to get through some of the weird Hunger-Games-esque things.
And the industrial revolution.
And a 40 foot Voldemort.

But the arrival of the Queen & her Corgis.
Yes, we took a Corgi break to appreciate them.
Also, Emily knew one of the Guam Olympians.
We were all intensely waiting for her to arrive on the screen.

Which was at the exact intense moment the Giants tied up the game. 
Which, didn't end as well as the Olympic ceremonies, so we flipped back, and forgot about that debacle.

And of course, every costume party has to have winners.
It was a close race, but the top 3 winners were clear.

Bottom line, these friends brought home the Gold.
They have mad British accent costume skills.

And you know I've already started brainstorming for Russia.

PS Dress from here, shoes were Twiggy Brand found on eBay, Mylie's collar from here, Chloe's bows from here, Keep Calm posters & cupcake toppers from Amazon, Living Room Bunting from here.

Thirty Handmade Days


  1. So much to say.
    I could never pull this off!!
    Your dress & shoes....perfect.
    Jess & Dave....hilarious.
    Love your dad...his handy work & fish & chips.

    Perfect party!! I hope it goes viral.

  2. This is so beyond awesome I don't even have all the words! Love love LOVE! You have the BEST parties! Sometimes I wish I wasn't on the other side of the country! ;-) Great job, Kim! I can't wait to see what you do for Russia. And your dad's famous Fish and Chips?! Beyond awesome!

  3. Ozzy, hair back, stressing about the Giants is my fave. So are you. BEST party. Thanks for hosting.

  4. best party EVER every two years! i mean, nothing beats it! GOLD MEDAL PARTY PLANNER AND HOSTESS!

    thank you for not posting the video. WAY too embarrassing.

    also, i hope you where that dress again. to church next week maybe?

  5. LOVE it! Should my kids decide to grow up and be done with theme days, I will still make them do things like this! :)

  6. Thanks for sharing more photos. I don't think there could be somebody more creative and fun than you and your friends in the world! Wanna adopt me??? :o) I loved how Bond picked up the Queen. And isn't the cauldron beautiful? I'm going to see some boxing tomorrow night, am excited!

    P.S.: For me, the teabags won!

  7. P.P.S.: Your blog's looking fab!

  8. you win the best party ever award. next time can i come?
    the fish and chips were my fave.

    i love your new blog look.

  9. oh my goodness...i want to come to the 2014 par-tay!
    it is clear that some of these peeps were brainstorming for a long time, but i truly think that the tea bags were the most "clever".

    also, i loved YOUR dress girly! and your new blog design is fabulicious.

  10. Could you be any more fun?
    I wish I would've been there.
    Still thinking what my costume would've been.
    Judy Dench? Princess Di? Oh I know...Adele!

  11. ok. finally able to comment. been thinking about this all day!! THE best. every detail. the fish and chips slay me.

  12. Best party ever... :)
    (my new persona)

  13. Words cannot fully express how fantastic this is!!

    LOVE the new blog design. Katy totes rocked it!

  14. this is so epic i dont even know how to comment on it.

  15. epic is never in my vocab. so that says something.

  16. These olympic parties are always my fave but this years was top notch as my Americaness thinks Brits say

  17. ok. you are speaking to an Olympic junkie here!!! I am so diggin this party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s. love your new blog look :0 )

  18. You are my fave. The end. Gold medals for all.