Monday, July 2, 2012

Hello, Weekend.

 Hello Saturday Morning.
Hello Schnoodlekins and quiet time on the iPad.

Hello Tour de France.
Hello happpiest time of the year for the Pops.
Hello being served banana blueberry bread on a cycling plate.
Hello endless commentary on time trials and rivalries. 

Hello terribly stinky and grimy dog.
Hello saddest creature on the planet. 
Hello that is not an exaggeration.

Hello post bathtime fun.
Hello Shaggy McWaggy.
Hello happiest dog on the planet.
Hello that is not an exaggeration either.

Hello Baseball overload.
SF Giants on TV.
SJ Giants in person.
Hello Orange and Black overdose.
Hello NEVER.

 Hello Fireworks.
Hello America.
God bless you.

 Hello Margaret.
Hello Nepal.
Hello Starbucks.
Sorry other customers about FaceTiming while waiting for my drink.
When Nepal calls, you answer.

 Hello Lydi-bug.
Hello Ladybug.

Hello emergency phone call from a stranded dad and injured dog.
Hello limpy puppy.
Hello Schnoodle-bulance.
Please stop having these paw injury episodes, they freak me out.

Hello Holiday Week!
Go put on some sunscreen, give Lady Liberty a high five,
and don't forget about Katygirl & my
God Bless the US linky party next Monday!
(Grab a button on my sidebar!)

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  1. Again with the paw injury??!! Kayla and Ashy are very concerned. Or Kayla might still be sleeping. At 9:30 AM!!! Woot wooooot. Orange and black forever.

  2. hello kim! have a fabulous week!

  3. What's going on with poor Smiles? She needs to be healthy and stay that way! Her cousin says so.

  4. tell me more about your linky party?

    "when napal calls you answer" uh, duh! i feel the same about australia.

  5. Hello sad Miley -- happy I got to see you driving but sad that she is hurt again :(

  6. god bless your monday.

    also, stoked about the button. in my sidebar. bam.

  7. what happened to mylie???

    at first i thought you were serious about experiencing some sort of orange and black overload. you were about to be disowned as a friend. lucky for you, this was not the case. #orangeandblacktilidie

  8. I love my quiet weekends. Esp. when my dog curls up by my feet. :)