Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Happy Happenings!

Summer is rolling onward.
Hope4Sudan fundraising and awarenessraising is going well!

(Thank you to those who have given, supported, prayed, donated. It is not going unnoticed.
As the lucky person who logs the donations, I am so encouraged!)

There is still a huge need.
Please consider giving up your Starbucks trip today, and help out!

Last week, after a prayer night focused on Sudan,
we wished our fearless Worship Leader a very Happy Birthday.

My favorite Schnoodle got groomed.
Which is good, because she has quite a few upcoming appearances.

My partner in crime, Margaret, returned from Nepal.
We had our favorite tradition.
Una Mas burritos.

I also gave her a tour of life at the dolphin.
If only she'd be willing to work for cupcakes, we might have a deal.

Dad had a first world tour de france problem.
DVR froze mid time-trial.
Mylie and Chloe thought that meant it was playtime.

So we switched over to the Giants.
Just in time.
Brandon Crawford my least favorite player hit a grand slam.
Mylie was unfazed.

She packed up her hedgie, and came over for a slumber party.

She was not amused at how long it took me to straighten my hair that morning.
But, it was well worth it when I took her to Haydenboo's 1st Birthday Party.

Food. Kids. Park.
She got tired out real quick,
and so we had some mandatory shade time for her and her best bud Ashlyn.

Followed by a meet and greet with the Birthday Girl herself.

Once Hayden discovered how fun playing fetch was, I'm not sure who was happier, the thrower or the catcher.

Mylie went home and had the best nap of her life.
Later on, I glammed up, and headed out with a few girls to celebrate my new favorite Flirty-year-old, Ellen.

B Street & Vine.
Brie & Apples.

And when you leave your phone unattended, and without a passcode, things like this happen.
Lucky for them, they are cute. 
Lucky for me, I just passcoded my phone.

Hope Kids Director, Ellen, passed out some awesome sunglasses and cute handmade sunglasses cases.
I think the boys were MORE than excited about their new eyewear.

And Sunday afternoon nap with schnoodlekins.
We like our naps.

Have you gotten your Hope4Sudan Prints yet?
I am SO excited.
I ordered from one from each Katy and Julie.

Here's a secret.
Printables scare me.
I don't have access to a color printer.
So I sent them to Kinkos.
It was the easiest and best thing I have done.
If you are scared, you shouldn't be.
And I am hanging them up this weekend.
You know I'll show you a pic!

I love writing posts like this.
It makes me see how much happy is happening all around.

Stay tuned, much, much more happy coming your way in the near future!


  1. Mylie is super cute! I love the playtime with Hayden. The best. How does Mylie not eat all her toys? None of those would last five minutes in the jaws of Scoutaki. Lucky Mylie gets to have real toys!

    You look great! Mylie might not have been impressed, but I am. I do not have the patience to straighten my hair. Maybe twice a year.

  2. Hewitt has a hedgehog too!!! They are dog twins.

  3. I love all this happy. My dad has been religiously watching the tour too, kinda ridiculous how into he gets. At least its more exciting than watching golf, right?!

  4. fancyyyyyyy mylie!!
    i like posts like this, too. and your awesome printables.


  5. so much happy. i love that pic of mylie and her bff. and i want apples and brie x 4. NOW.

  6. simply put, this post made me smile about so many amazing things. love you friend, and thanks for making me smile :)

  7. wow youve got so much happiness!!! i missed the grand slam :/ i dont drink starbucks but ill give up a day at nordstrom. im totes following you now.

  8. your hair is so long! it looks pretty straight.

    you live in a neat community of people. blessed.

  9. Ok hot stuff!
    Love the new header/button... well done Katy!!
    Love, Love the fun week wrap up!!
    Love, Love, Love the video of Hayden-Boo!!!
    Summer is the best, and getting better each day.
    Thirty Flirty and Thriving 4 Life... well at least the next 9 years... :)