Friday, July 20, 2012

Pray, Give, Go.

I have some bad news.
I'm not going to shut up about this Sudan thing.

And neither are my friends.
They have a lot to say.

Because there is a lot to tell.

There is a lot to do.
And a lot to give.

This isn't about me.
This isn't about our church.

This is about Jesus.
When he ministered to people, he met their earthly needs while he graciously met their eternal needs.
Hope4Sudan is trying to follow in His example. 
For these dying people,
To give food without Jesus would be tragic.
To give Jesus without food would be cruel.

I know that most people reading this blog serve and love Jesus.
That most of you actively are serving and giving in ministries wherever you are.

Would you, out of your abundance, give something, to a hungry and hurting people?
Right now?

This is urgent.

Would you give, not for me, not for your own namesake, not for the sake of Hope Church,  
but in the name of Jesus?

Knowing, there are believers,
sitting in refugee camps across the globe,
stranded in the Nuba Mountains.
Knowing there are believers across the globe with much, so much.

If you were the stranded and starving believer, 
and you knew there were others 
who knew and loved Christ 9,000 miles away, 
would you wonder where they were? 

When they would come?
How they would help?

When I think of that, it scares me.
It becomes real.
Real fast.

I've used a ton of words already
so I'm just going to keep it simple as possible here.
Can you help?
Here are THREE WAYS:

Straight up.
Plain & simple.

Purchase a Digital Print for just a few bucks.
Katygirl Designs

100% goes to HOPE4SUDAN


Jessica is hosting an amazing giveaway.
For each way you spread the word about Hope4Sudan
you are entered to win some AMAZING THINGS.
(From some very amazing people)

Do all of the above.
 It's not a matter of can you,
but will you?
Thank you to all who have and will give, pray, and go.


  1. This is so much better than Eat, Pray, Love...
    God is so much bigger than that!

    Pray, Give, Go!

    Great post Cuppa!

  2. YAY.
    lots and lots of YAY!!!!
    we are called.