Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome 2012

Good Morning,
And happy first blog post of 2012!

I want to start off the year with what I hope 2012 will look like.

But I also want to say, we all know that life doesn't turn out the way we want it 99% of the time.

But these are focuses, this is my heart.

In 2011, I was able to finally say I have read the entire Bible.
It was an 10 year reading plan. 
I have a feeling the system is gonna be a best seller. 

But this year, I'm going to make an attempt to read the entire Bible.
In one year. 
We'll see.
Even if I don't complete it by December 31, 2012, I'm going to give it a go. 
And stick with the order of readings. 
So starting yesterday, I am reading Matthew/Ezra/Matthew/Acts. 
Coincidentally, I finished off my 2011 reading in 2 Chronicles - and Ezra was next on my list. 
Love how that works. 

I happened across this book, which guides you through the reading schedule, and offers a brief devotional to go with it. It's just supplemental, but I'm excited. 

I am also really excited for my new bedtime devotional book.
The last few years I have read through Through the Bible Through The Year, My Utmost for His Highest, Morning by Morning, and Evening by Evening - and I recommend all of them.
My friend Betsy told me about this blog of prayers she reads every night before she goes to sleep - and it was made into a book. 

Can't wait. 
I have it on Kindle - so I always can have the devotionals with me wherever I go.

As for regular reading? 
My goal for 2011 was to read 20 books in the year.
So excited that I was able to read 24 books!
I had no clue I'd be able to accomplish that!

I don't have a number goal for reading for 2012, but in my "serious book" category, I am startingThe Heavenly Man and The Holiness of God. We'll see where I go from there. 

A few weeks ago I posted a pic of this awesome sign hanging above my table.
(from here) 
I also told you I would tell you more about it.
Basically, the last few months, this phrase has been resonating in my heart and in my head.


Life is filled with so many whys.
So many how comes.
So many I don't knows. 
So often I lay in bed reflecting on my day, on what has happened through the day, in the past.
I don't have answers.
And I am comforted in knowing that I don't have to. 
What I do know, is that God, our BIG, MIGHTY, God is working all things together for the good of those who love him.
I also know that He will glorify Himself to no end. 
Knowing those two things, those are the only answers I need.
Maybe not the only answers I want.
But between God glorifying himself first and providing for our good as well, I am satisfied.
But sometimes that gets forgotten.  
So, for 2012, this is my catchphrase, my mantra, my theme, if you will. 
For His Glory, and Our Good.

So, do you have a motto, theme, goals for 2011?
Are you going to read through the Bible?
Part of it?
Seriously tell me, I want to know!
Let's do this 2012!!!


  1. I love that sign! Awesome to make make it your mantra. Checking out the books on Amazon next! Happy New Year!

  2. (Warning: LONG comment ahead)

    Our church does a challenge every year for as many people as possible to read through the Bible in a year, with many options on how to do it. Like last year, Mike read through it chronologically. This year, our pastor gave us a new schedule to try. It's a method developed by Prof. Grant Horner from The Master's College in southern CA.
    (this is the best explanation I could find -

    It's so good so far! I can already see how different parts of the Bible relate to others. I'm so excited to get through it all! Also, Garrett has decided, completely on his own!, to read through the NT this year! I'm so excited for him!

    Okay part 2 of this long comment:
    Our church has also been issued a reading challenge for 2012. We're trying to read a million pages in a year. That's a lot of pages! But we love to read in this house (nerd alert!) so we're totally up for doing our part! I set a goal for 52 books this year, Garrett set his for 6, our family set a goal of 12 read-aloud books and Mike hasn't set his yet. There's going to be a lot of reading going on around here this year. :)

    And finally, part 3. Our family motto for 2012 will be the same as it has been for a couple years. We feel like it's still a good one - Love God, Love Others.

    Happy New Year!
    (sorry for the long comment! I got excited! It makes up for my lack of commenting lately. :))

  3. I really really love this post, Kim. So thankful to know you!

  4. I'm going to check out those books.
    I'm reading Beth Moore's Praying God's Word right now - loving it.

    Happy New Year, friend - love that catch phrase!


  5. oh, love this. you are off to a great start, praise jesus.
    recently finished 'big god', you know. now i am re-reading 'praying god's word'...and also copying keri, apparently:)

  6. My sweet friend Erin gave me a devotional book for Christmas:


    I did day one!! I need to catch up already :/

  7. You are so ambitious! I hope you are able to meet all your goals and go on a great journey.

    "What I do know, is that God, our BIG, MIGHTY, God is working all things together for the good of those who love him."

    Thanks for this... I needed to hear it. I need to hear it often.

    I am reading Catherine Marshall's "Meeting God at Every Turn." It's been very good and encouraging. I love learning about how she lived out her faith during various joys and trials.

  8. great goals.

    i too am reading through the bible (the message). it's jan 9th, so far so good. ask me again next week how it's going. need the push.

    love the motto. God has taught me in the past few years that His glory is ultimately all that matters and what the outcome WILL BE. i find myself asking Him in all situations, "show me your glory" just a glimpse.