Sunday, January 8, 2012

InstaVenture: Day 2 A Lovely Adventure along the Coast

I guess I have been a bad blogger this week - perhaps neglectful is the right word.
Two separate check-ins from two separate bloggy buds.
I'm here.
Ajusting back to real life.
Vacation life is way fun.
And makes me way lazy.
And getting back to work ends up being way exhausting.
And then I got sick this weekend. LAME.

So I haven't been home much to blog, and when I am home, I have been sleeping.

(or watching Downton Abbey and the Bieber movie....don't judge)


My last post was about adventure day one of two.
Which means I left you guys with a cliffhanger.

Well, if you follow me on InstaGram, I definitely was InstaBombing the feed last Thursday.

Margaret and I made plans to head coast side.
We always go at least once when she is home on break.
If not more.

The morning started with our traditional first stop at the Half Moon Bay Coffee Company...

House Mocha and Latte Borgia.
Order them.
You won't regret it.

We also had Pump-pans.
Or Pumpkin Pancakes.

We sauntered down main street and peeked in our favorite shops - Half Moon Bay Feed and Fuel, Abode, and Cunha Country Grocery Store. And then on our way back we pop in Paper Crane - which we ALWAYS seem to walk by and miss.

Good news is the had signs preventing prowlers from picking up chicks like us. We are always fending them off with sticks.

I bought some of this over sized cinnamon bark, smells so good.
And these guys were letter pressing in Paper Crane. Totally not what I'd expect letter pressers to look like - but it was cool!

After we explored Main Street, we decided to head into Pescadero to pick up some of the famous Artichoke Bread at the Arcangeli Grocery.

The coast was crazy foggy, and we made a wrong turn and ended up at the San Gregorio General Store, which was a new discovery! Totally awesome.

Supposedly, Arcangeli was along the same road as the General Store, so with our adventurous spirit we headed into the unknown.

Along a windy, abandoned, narrow road...
Lost cell phone service...
And uncertain where we might end up...

But we found this:

And these....

We drove for miles, and miles, saw sheep, horses, cows, goats, and dogs.
Crumbling barns with mossy rooftops.
Sheep dogs sitting along side a herd of sheep.
Horses in pastures.

It was CRAZY.

Eventually we found what we were looking for...

...but in turn we found more of an adventure than we hoped! 
A good way to hang out with a good friend, and wrap up a short Christmas break!

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  1. Um the bieber movie turned me into a belieber. And I just read tonight that he got a tat of Jesus' face on his leg so he is obviously a Christian. Duh.

  2. Love the pics. Especially the horsie. And I'm glad you didn't get picked up because I know the man of your dream is not there. He is on a dating website. Just waiting for you.

  3. So fun! Love the pics with fog. Hope you are doing well. : )

  4. love when plans get off course and lead to new discoveries, and artsy photo ops!
    and you love JB. i might have seen the movie twice.
    you are awesome and so adventuresome! excited for adventure day 2012!

  5. Bieber- NO. Downton Abbey - YES.
    haha Bieber goes to my church when he's in town. Well, he used to anyway. Played in the middle school basketball league and everything. He's in the team picture. One time I saw girls taking pictures with the team picture. Oy. :)

  6. Everything is perfect about those photos. As one that dreams of living in the country some day I could stare at your photos forever!

  7. I'm sorry you're sick, but glad that you're taking the time you need to rest. Nothing better than a little boob tube and down time!

  8. What great pictures!!!!
    And I think about every time I come here I learn a new word---
    "Anyhoodle" made me laugh out loud!

  9. kim! you made me so happy leaving a comment on my blog! your blog rocks and i can wait to meet you and all the girls in a few weeks...i am really trying to get this bloggy thing down...but i am struggling!!!! Thanks Again!!!

  10. yes getting back from vacation is always hard to get adjusted! i still have not gotten unpacked :-/

  11. what a fun day!! i love when stores preemptively know i don't want to get picked up and post signage towards that goal. so helpful. ;) downtown abbey is gooood. bieber? really? i did judge. sorry. ;) we should eat saltines together. :)

  12. I have never heard of Downtown Abbey before today. Today I've heard about it from 4 different people. I decided it was a sign and we're going to start it tonight.:)
    It looks like you had a great adventure! The pictures were fantastic! And um hello? Artichoke bread?!? That sounds insanely good!

    (welcome back!)

  13. Pretty pics! :)

    And the Bieber movie was good... not judging at all. :)

  14. Artichoke garlic and herb...sounds glorious.
    Your photos are fantastic. I want that coffee.