Thursday, January 26, 2012

An Ode to Adventure.

I have an entire category of posts entitled "Adventures".
I will classify almost anything as an adventure.
But typically, for me, adventures include getting in the car and going somewhere.
Usually with fun people.

Like Monterey and Carmel.
With my parents and sister.

Most of my adventures are in beach towns.
I'm not really that into swimming in the ocean, at least around these parts.

Have you been to a NorCal beach? It's cold up up in here. 
But I  love a good view.
So does my mama.
Her and my dad got married and honeymooned in Carmel.
Our family goes there a lot.

I also love those spur of the moment, pulling the car over, kinds of adventures.
Where you never know what you will find.

Like artichoke cupcakes. And catching the sun setting over the field of unharvested 'chokes.

 (Also, I love artichokes).

Or a day in Santa Cruz with my parents.

 I love shopping and food.
Coffee shops and Ice Cream shops usually abound on my adventures.
Santa Cruz adventures have a mandatory requirement of stopping at Marianne's.
She has probably almost 100 flavors to choose from.
I think I found my perfect flavor.
Next time I might pair it with a second scoop of Burgundy Cherry.
On a waffle cone, ALWAYS.

Drinking Diet Coke as the sun shimmers on the ocean?
Yes, please.

Fungus Fair?
No, thank you.
Not sad I missed that.

Snuggly, chubby sea life?
Always. Always. Always.

Tomorrow, Jessica and I are headed off on our next adventure. 
Craft Weekend.
In Kansas.
There are no beaches involved.

There is no real clear way to explain WHY we are going to Kansas.
To make crafts.

Except to say it's going to be an adventure.
And going to Kansas has been on my bucket list since I was a little kid.
(Weird, I know, but it's true.)

So, if it seems weird to you.
That's okay.
I hope you'll accept the ADVENTURE reasoning of the explanation.

And don't worry, much to Jessica's dismay, The Pajama Jeans are coming with me.


  1. Carmel is one of my favorite places! When my husband and I went a few years ago we both agreed that we could live there. : )

    We're pretty close to the coast where we are, but it's ridiculously cold on the beaches in Washington and snowed on the beach last week!

  2. Fungus, what? lol..I'm with ya not for me either. But I love this post and do too love a great adventure. I've thought about doing a weekly link-up on adventures. I think we should have adventurous lives big or small ones. Have soooooo much fun crafting this weekend. can't wait to hear.

  3. I love this post for so many reasons! But mostly because I will get to see you SOON!

  4. Security says they won't let pajama jeans on the plane. Sorry.

  5. I've been wanting to ask where you've been but felt like I was turning into a stalker/naggy blogger....

  6. Beaches are great for adventures... so are forests. And I love artichokes and so do my kids. I hope Kansas makes for a great adventure, too, but not of the tornado type! :)

  7. i love carmel, and pacific grove, and cambria, and avilla...hmmm this girl needs to get her beach on!

    have fun in kansas. please report back and let us know if there really is "no place like home." oh! and do cali a favor and leave your pajama jeans in kansas. :-)

  8. love your blog!!! shimmy your way over to mine soon I nominated you for an award!!!

  9. Oh my gosh a Fungus Fair? WOW. And how exciting that you're (already) in Kansas by now. Have a wonderful weekend.
    I totally understand the adventure thing. I felt the same way back in September when I flew all the way across the country, by myself for the first time to attend BlogSugar. I also got to cross something off my list:)
    Enjoy the adventure!

  10. that shimmery diet coke makes me happy.
    fungus makes me not happy.
    and listen, fancy pj britches, live it up at your craft holler, ok? love you xo