Monday, January 16, 2012

Hello Lazy Monday Morning

Hello Monday.

Hello Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Hello sleeping in. (Til 7:30).

Hello waking up slowly.

Hello Schnoodle climbing all over me.

Hello breakfast of champions.

Hello quick walk while the oven preheats.

Hello hot and delicious.

Hello seat and blanket stealer.

Hello Bible in a Year. (Nehemiah is incredible. The book and the guy.)

Hello post-breakfast nap.


  1. We have Orange rolls once a week for breakfast. My boys love them. Yum!

  2. Ive never had an orange roll.
    Do you live by yourself?
    How far are you from menlo park?

  3. oh man-- you have me salivating for orange rolls... AND a lazy day. the second one is impossible so i just might have to settle for orange rolls and pretend i'm as awesome as you. :) love the little glimpses! :)

  4. hello cuppaawesome. looked like you had an enjoyable day off today (via instagram).

  5. Who's the shortest prophet in the Bible? Knee-High-My-Uh.

    Corny Bible jokes were an added bonus to my Bible college education. :)

    Glad you had a good day off!

  6. I feel like the pre-heating of oven and then leaving was daring for the crockpot sleep system person :)

    orange rolls are so good, I add chopped pecans on top.. makes it home made ;)

  7. Plantation shutters! We had them in our house in WA and I loved them. Now we're stuck with blinds. Blech.

  8. Yes, Nehemiah is pretty much awesome! One of my favorite books! Very inspiring. :)

  9. Oh the goodness you just shared! A day off with the schnoodles! Heaven on Earth, I tell ya! And yes, Scout steals my spot ALL THE TIME. Especially if a blanket is involved. Punk thief.