Tuesday, January 10, 2012

10 on 10: January 2012 35mm Edition!

Used the big girl camera today.
With the big girl lens.
But it was a boring workday...so bear with me here.

Started the morning with a hot cuppa tea (trying to get unsick, tea > coffee for this kind of situation).
And see that bowl full of cuties, that is also part of the game plan.

On Sunday my mom brought me one can of chicken noodle. The chunky kind. And saltines By request.
My dad was bringing me more cough syrup and asked if I wanted anything else, I asked for a few more cans. And a box of Cheez-its.
He brought me FOUR cans of soup.
All different.
"One is Wolfgang Puck. It's gourMET", he stated.
He thought he was SO FUNNY.

Tis the season for stress at work. 
Two years ago I wrote myself a few little reminders.
I keep it on my checklist of stressful items that I have to take care of every January.

Coworker Andrea asked why I had the camera at work.
After I explained 10 on 10, I showed her my new lens.
She took a few practice shots of me.
Aside from my squinty right eye, I feel like it should be a stock photo for a generic employee
on a generic website.

At lunch, I visited the pups.
And had a can of soup.
I practiced a little bit on my focus and depth of field techniques.
While torturing my dog.
It's okay, she got lots of rewards.

Followed by trying to get a shot of her catching the shredded wheat I tossed.
Practicing my fast shutter speeds, you see.
I couldn't pick just one, 
she makes me laugh in all of them.
Girl has a laser like focus.
And she usually catches them all in the air.
My throwing while photoging skills need a little help though.

Headed back to work....
blah, blah, blah....
And left work. 
The sky party wasn't too fab tonight, which left me a bit disappointed. 
But I love this long stretch of trees that I drive by every night.
It's fun to watch the seasons change on them.

After work, I met up with Ellen
We have a 3x a week work out plan.
We didn't make it last night.
But we were there in full force tonight.

Following our elliptical and weights work out, I met up with the Hope Finance Team to wrap up
some of the 2012 details. 
I brought what Jess refers to as "the beast binder"
Which has actually transformed into "the beast bag"
Since 2011 no longer fits in one binder. 
When you don't have a building you have a van.
And when you have a van, you don't have file cabinets.
When you don't have file cabinets, you have a beast binder, and a beast bag.

So that is really only 9 photos. Or thirteen if you are gonna get technical.
Not 10.
But it is almost 10.
And 10 is my bedtime.
So I'm outtie.

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  1. I like your big girl shots with your big girl camera!!

  2. Awww, I love this post and the pics of the pup while she's lunging for the shredded wheat are SO cute.

    Also, I haven't heard someone say "outtie 5000" in about 10 years. But, now that I've heard it again, I think it's time to bring that phrase back! ;)

  3. That shot of you made me think of one thing as soon as I saw it
    "Dunder-Mifflin, this is Pam."

    Love the action shots of the pupper!

  4. I love this post. Also I need the pink colander. Like ASAP. Where do I find that?

  5. Awesome shots! I totally forgot about 10 on 10 this year..... sad, I know.

  6. Love the picture of YOU!!!!!!!!!

  7. cute pic of you. i love that necklace.

    boo on getting sick. keep pumping the vitamin C!

    my littles would be all over those cheez its... they love them. so do i but they are not on my no junk food challenge plan. boo!

    did miley get a haircut??

  8. The sequence shots of your dog are amazing! Definitely makes me want to try with my (very food motivated) dog. Great set!

  9. love the outtie 5000 comment...totally use that all the time!!!

  10. sick. boo. i hate being sick, how can you even think of exercising when you are sick?!

    your parents love you. you are so blessed to have them. i will be them when i grow up, but i will bring homemade soup because my kids won't like canned soup because i won't let them like it (noah will like it just to spite me).

  11. you are adorable. all the dang time.

  12. I love that they brought you cans of soup! Hope you are feeling much better now!