Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Adventure Day (One of Two) 2011

I had last week off.
It was delightful.
And just what the doctor ordered.

A fabulous way to wrap up 2011.
However, this week I may be regretting it slightly...but hopefully not.
I've got my butterscotch pops ready to roll.

They are my self prescribed medicine for work related stress.

Anyway, back to Adventure Day.

Last year, Betsy, Margaret and I had an entire Adventure Week.
This year we had one day that all three of us were available.
And a second day that Margaret and I were able to venture out.
But I think we successfully crammed a lot of fun into these days.

It started with a text from Margaret on Tuesday morning....what are you doing today?
My response: gym, errands, etc.

She says, let's do something.
I say, while I get ready, you figure out an adventure.
The suggestion is ice cream in Sausalito.
Because...why not?

We wrangle Betsy into our plans.
And head north.

Heading north on 101 is one of my favorite drives.
Well, besides heading south on 101.
They are both pretty awesome.

This used to be my drive to college.
Sorry SoCal college kids,
but Golden Gate Bridge > Harris Ranch.

Betsy and Margaret bring the artsy to the party.
I bring the camera.
It works out well for them.

I also take sneaker shots of cute dogs.
just because, that's what I do.

Margaret & Betsy each displayed their excitement appropriately.

And we dined on fish & chips, sammies, fried zucchini, and ice cream crepes. 

We walked the main street, people watching, and more than likely being the subject of people watching - since we were giggling up a storm, and had an impromptu photoshoot along the water front.

And then, as we were just about to away to pop into some of the shops, this guy caught a crab.
It was kind of exciting.

So why stay in town for ice cream, when it is much more exciting to hop in the car and get it somewhere a little more spicy!


  1. look at how fun y'all are! what a treat to have sweet friends and a beautiful place to explore. i am a tiny bit jealous.
    i better hurry and move there.

  2. i want that fried zucchini. right now.
    and those fries.
    can you tell what i crave ALLTHETIME now? ;)

  3. what do you do at work? I miss SF, thankfully I can experience it vicariously through you and your blog! Thank you for that. :)

  4. I have never been there!! I need to go ASAP. Also I need ice cream ASAP.

  5. love adventure day! had so much fun, and you and your new lens took some amazing shots! love you!

  6. Hello!
    Happy new year! My best wishes for you and yours!
    Love your adventure day, look like so much fun.

  7. Fun! I need an adventure day! :)

  8. Marge and Betsy really do bring the artsy to the party. What a fun adventure you guys had!